Friday, March 5, 2010

Guess what came in the mail???

Guess what came in the mail yesterday??? Yep, our little ole' OmniPod to try! How cute is this....

Why, thanks OmniPod, she thinks she might.

Grace has been really adverse to a pump, until about 3 months ago, after the JDRF Walk, where she posed next to a giant life-size Nick Jonas cut-out at the Bayer Diabetes booth. She knew he wore an OmniPod.

Since this time, she actually let me talk about the idea of a pump with her, showing her pictures, looking at a video on the internet. It was a test of patience on my part to NOT just say to her 'So, then, let's get one!' She's the one wearing it 24.7, not me. She's the one with site changes and the logistics of it all on her body, not me. So, I bit my lip for these past 3 months, casually asking her if it would be ok to go ahead and order a sample Pod for her to see. She thought that would be ok.

So, it comes and she helps me unpack the Pod.

Could there be a more fit woman modeling the Pod? I almost expect them to reveal a meter next to it, showing a glowing 98 or 105 blood sugar. Never a less-than-fit model and never a less-than-'in range' blood sugar, right? Don't you wanna see an ad even once proclaim a blood sugar of 296 and see this face next to it:

Sorry, I digressed.

Anyway, unpacking the Pod and she sees the booklet describing the various locations that she can wear the OmniPod.

Grace has already eliminated the buttocks, upper back and tummy from her areas of choosing. I believe her exact words were:
"I am NEVER gonna wear the Pod there!"

Ok, we will deal with that later.

She looked at it, unwrapped it, placed it on the back of her upper arm without the tape off, scanned through the booklet and then said:

"Yep, we'll be talking to Dr. Z about this."

Patience of a saint, I tell ya.


Jennifer said...

Exciting! She sounds so cute!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

lol she is cute!! I hope it goes well!! Keep us posted!

Hallie Addington said...

Yay!!! That sounds great!! Way to go, Mom! It's tough to be patient! Glad it's paying off! :)

Meri said...

How exciting!!! Welcome to your new adventure!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! You're doing a great job going at her pace. So often I find myself pushing my kids to (literally) keep up with me. But you're such a great mom to recognize that this needs to be done at her pace for her to be totally happy with it. Keep up the great parenting!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Omnipod Demo... I've been on a Minimed Paradigm 722 for a number of years and like it, but recently got an OmniPod Demo sent my way and really liked the no-tubing component. For a small child, I can only assume it'd be better. One of the main issues I don't like about this current version, though, is that any insulin inside is lost after 3 days or if it must be changed sooner. Would like to see that revised. But, good tool for better control!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Exciting! Can't wait to hear what happens next! Kudos to you for being so patient!