Friday, April 26, 2013

The Sugars

It's been three years that Grace has been on the OmniPod insulin pump. Three years of it and we haven't looked back.

I love you sincerely, Insulet, but if you don't get your you-know-what together soon and get us the NEW PDM and NEW Pods that everyone who 'cut the cord' get, you are gonna deal with one angry D-Mama. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Grace had her annual eye check up today with dear old Dr. Nelson. I love the guy and we have been seeing him annually for four years. He's one of the best in the whole city for pediatric ophthalmology. One of the very best. But, he's old school.

Our conversation went something like this:

'Hi Grace, how are you doing? Are your sugars under control? How are your sugars?'

'OK I guess. Yes. They are under control.'

Dear Dr. Nelson proceeds with the whole exam. Smiling and looking into her eyes the whole time. He is kind. And smart. And good.

My mother always told me to look for the people in your life with kind eyes.
Dr. Nelson has kind eyes.

'Grace, your eyes look great. No diabetic damage, your retinas look wonderful. Keep those sugars under control now, you hear me!'

I smile at him. I don't have the heart or the nerve or the wherewithal to correct him or even change what he is saying. He is saying it because he cares about her. He is saying it the way he knows how. He is doing the best he can.

'Thanks Dr. Nelson, see you in a year.'

'Great seeing you Grace, remember about the sugars!'