Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Our 3 month endocrinologist appointment was yesterday. Can I just say that I love G’s endo? I love our CDE too. Great doctors who get it. They understand. They are so very smart. They help me, Iove that. They love Grace, I love that even more. 
Few good things happened:

Yep, that would be Grace’s new A1C. Got my grade, I passed :0) We fell from our last A1C of 7.7 which is good news. I was a happy camper. Grace really has no clue about what the A1C means, but I told her we ‘done good gal’ and she laughed. All is well..

Yep, we are on our way to being Pod people. Got our paperwork in order today and sent off the first round of insurance, information and the like. So, we will see what happens. I am excited for Grace. The best part of it all is that SHE is excited and motivated about it. I have waited for her to be ready and the patience has paid off. 

Oh she is a goin’. To diabetes camp. For a week. Overnight. 5 days.
I am not worried about her care. Its a great camp, they have great staff, it gets stellar reviews, stellar comments from other parents who have sent their Type 1s there. I think she will be in great hands diabetic-care-wise. 
I’m not sure I am gonna do so well with her being gone for 5 whole days. FIVE DAYS. No phone calls, no contact. Did I mention that it’s for FIVE DAYS? 
She is 8.
She, however, is confident she will be fine. 
No, she says, she won’t miss me all that much. 
Why, I ask. Why won’t you miss me?
You ready for the answer?
Because at camp, Mom, they have CREEK STOMPING!

I darn near fell off my chair. We live in an urban area. We do not ever walk through creeks. We do not hardly ever stomp. Yet, my 8 year old is thrilled beyond measure that she, with other campers, will stomp in a creek, therefore she will not miss me. Oh I hope the creek stomping lives up to her expectations, is all I can really think! 

All in all, a good endo appt. We left feeling good about what we are doing and where we are headed. Who can ask more than that, huh?!


Steve said...

Lia loves creek stomping. We did it just this weekend in our backyard (not really a creek, just rainwater runoff, but still there was water and mud and stomping!). She hasn't fully committed to camp yet. All the things they do there are right up her alley, but away for that long...I think her exact words when the CDE mentioned it were: are you crazy? (or that might have been mine). Either way, in 3 mos we both have warmed up to the idea.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the A1C! That's a lot to come down in 3 months. You should be proud! G's going to camp this summer, but won't even consider overnight. She's doing the day-camp for a week. It includes one overnight, and so far that seems to be enough. Not sure if they creek stomp. I'll have to look into that.

Meri said...

That is a lot of exciting stuff going down soon! Couple that with a wonderful A1C and you are off and running for a great spring! I am so glad you little girlie came around about the pump...I'm excited for you guys!