Monday, April 25, 2011

One Year Pump-aversary!

I have been AWOL from the blog and AWOL from the DOC this past week. Why you ask?

- Two older children came down with ear infections. 14 and 12 years old and ear infections??? They each hadn't had one in 8-10 years. Tell me that doesn't make for some fun times.

- Grace came down with the stomach flu. Requiring one all-nighter keeping her numbers stable, ketones of 1.2 at one time, one midnight call to our pediatric endocrinologist on call, one primary doctor visit and bottle of regular ginger ale, doled out in teaspoon amounts. We made it through without going to the ER. My whole goal was NOT to go to the hospital, and we did it! But frankly, this past week has been one of the longest since she was diagnosed.

- HIGHs from the stomach bug. I would temp basal +30% for an hour at a time. Then I brought out the big guns and drove it up to 50% for 2 hours at a stretch. I whacked that sucker down. Scared the crap out of me, but I did it. Call me the high-killer.

- Three kids, Spring Break. Nothing more needs to be said how that is a time-sucking event like no other.

- Our roof was damaged by hail in June (yes, last June) I am STILL arguing with the insurance company about replacing it. Still. I finally hired a public adjuster, cause I am tired of getting screwed. Call me the bullshit-killer too.

So, as you can see, good times around here.
But I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun coming up over the horizon and finally, some healthy kids and some relief.

Today, April 26th is Grace's one year OmniPod anniversary!
One year ago today we stuck that pod on her, filled with insulin and have never looked back since.
A1Cs went from 7.3 to 6.4 in the year she has been on the OmniPod.
She loves the Pod, we love the Pod, love the remote (PDM), the tubeless-ness of it all and the auto-insertion.
For us, it works.
Here's to a smaller Pod in the future and an improved PDM.
Until then, Happy 1 year pumping Grace!
Have I told you lately that you absolutely, fantastically, rock?
You do.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It may or may not have happened

It may or may not have happened
that Grace was invited to test a newer insulin pump

It may or may not have happened
that if I share anything about it, they will come and find me...
what they will do to me I don't know... but who needs that nonsense, right?

It may or may not have happened
that Grace earned some money from the alleged happening that she could buy herself a new bike

It may or may not have happened
that her Mom squealed with delight about some things about the new may-or-may-not-have-been an insulin pump and its new features

It may or may not have happened
that Grace and her Mom got to see and touch and play with the alleged new may-or-may-not-have-been insulin pump

It may or may not have happened.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

WHY her insurance sucks

I've told all your blog-readers before about my trials and tribulations with Grace's Medicaid insurance, Keystone Mercy (provider in PA). The denial of Novolog and my ensuing battle about it.

Surprisingly, they still suck.

Here is the latest.

This weekend Grace got a letter in the mail from Keystone Mercy, addressed to HER.
Can I remind everyone that she is 8 years old. 8.
Born in 2002, not in 1902 as the folks at Keystone Mercy seem to think.
I have always thought, and this just reaffirmed for me, that Keystone Mercy and ALL the people who work for the company, are convinced that she is a little girl with Type 2 diabetes.
This just seals the deal.

Inside the envelope:

Lists of complications from diabetes
Two sheets.
Oh and both sides of each sheet

Here are all the eye complications.

And here are all the foot complications.

Lovely, huh?!
Grace took one look at it and said, in true Grace-fashion "What the heck are they mailing them to me for?"

I know she can have complications. I know them by freaking heart.
We talk about them with her, on her 8 year old level.

Do I really need her no-nothing insurance company to send her information like this via the mail?
Does Keystone Mercy even think that Type 2s are going to change because they got two sheets of paper about complications in the mail?????

No intro letter, no 'Dear Grace...' nothing.
No personal relationship.
No knowledge that she has Type 1.
No knowledge that they are mailing pages of complications to an 8 year old.

And that's why her insurance sucks.