About Grace

Grace is my 13 year old daughter, the youngest of three girls. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on January 9, 2009 at the age of 6. She was on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) from her time of diagnosis until April 2010, when she chose the OmniPod insulin pump. She has been pumping ever since. She also wears a Dexcom CGM.

When she was 9 I wrote the following: She is much more than her diabetes. She loves dancing, singing, playing with her friends, swimming, the beach, movies, acting like a movie star, adventures and Justin Bieber. Not necessarily in that order. She is a typical 9 year old girl and loves everything sparkly and glittery. She also climbs a mean tree in all that glitter and pizzazz.

All of the holds true still, except the Justin Bieber part. Yeah, uh, no.

Grace is also brutally honest. She tells it like it is, all the time. If you would like to know what she is thinking or feeling, all you have to do is ask.

Hope you enjoy reading about her journey through life with Type 1 along for the ride.