Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sugar Medical Diabetes Bag & Discount Code!

You guys and gals out there know I love a good diabetes medical bag! They are hard to find, first of all. Stylish ones are exceptionally hard to find. Getting a bag that fits everything a 15 year old needs, and is willing to carry, even harder. Guess what? Found one!

I have written before about 'MacGyvering' medical bags out of makeup kits. A gal has to do what a gal has to do. Sugar Medical contacted me about a month ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a diabetes supply bag on my blog. I said sure, and Sugar Medical sent me an OmniPod diabetes supply bag for free to review (full disclosure here, folks).  I told them that Grace had a Sugar Medical bag from about five years ago. They replied that they've updated the OmniPod supply bag to make it even larger and more convenient. I was in.

This bag, however, needs no MacGyvering at all. It fits everything. It's stylish. It passes the muster of a 15 year old girl (maybe the most important part). It's small to fit into a purse, or it's large enough to carry on your own as a wristlet. The choice is yours.

Sugar Medical Supply Bag

I love the outside of the bag that leaves a place for ID. It can become a small wristlet if Grace likes. This could hold some money too, or a debit card. I always look for a diabetes kit that has some kind of place to hold information. If Grace loses her kit, her name card and contact information could be right there. The pouch is very sturdy and closes with Velcro. Thanks for thinking of how useful this could be, Sugar Medical!

Grace chose the 'Cora' print bag. She's a fan of flowers and prints. She also rocks the OmniPod, and this case is made for it. There are many other prints too for the OmniPod. Sugar Medical also has travel bags, backpacks, purses, OmniPod gel skins, and insulin cooling cases.

Let's look at how pretty the Cora bag is...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. You would totally carry that too, right?! Right.

You see that little pouch on the outside of the bag? The one that is discreet? Well, you can slide your diabetes-trash like used test strips into the hole inside the kit, and they end up here, in this pouch! See the oval metal slot there, the one just under the Velcro tabs in the first picture, then clear in the second picture? That's where you slide in the used test strips and they fall through to the pouch. Magical, Sugar Medical, magical!

Now, for what's inside. The most important thing for Grace is that it holds everything she needs. She likes to have everything handy, in one place. No fishing for this and that in another bag and no separate bags. Everything contained. Sugar Medical bag does!

Grace has in her supply bag...

  • OmniPod PDM
  • Freestyle test strips
  • Delica lancing device
  • Novolog insulin
  • Extra OmniPod
  • Glucose tabs
  • Unisolve wipes
  • Skintac wipes
  • Extra Delica lancets
  • Two needles (just in case)
  • Alcohol wipes

It holds everything she needs for a complete Pod change should she need. That's really important to me. She just needs to grab and go. No thinking about packing another Pod, or if she has Unisolve or SkinTac. She reloads her kit as needed. 

This is the great part about the bag - it has the mesh pocket on the right side of the bag that lets you see everything you have. None of this hidden mumbo jumbo where you have to guess what you have. The mesh side bag was able to hold the extra OmniPod, a tube of glucose tabs, two needles, several packs of Unisolve, several packs of SkinTac, several alcohol wipes and a few extra Delica lancets.

Grace likes the silicone cover (the pink one that's on there now in the picture) on her PDM at all times. If you choose not to have the silicone cover on, Sugar Medical supplies Velcro strips to stick on the back of your PDM, so that the PDM stays secure within the kit. Neat idea!

Grace has used this bag for the past two weeks. She got compliments on the print and some of her friends noticed she 'switched kits.' It fits great in her backpack at school and fits right into her purse when she is home. 

You know the best part of this review? 

YOU get a discount code for purchasing your own Sugar Medical diabetes supply bag! Sugar Medical was kind enough to provide a code for 15% off your purchase. Just use code ASWEETGRACE15 for 15% off your purchase at Sugar Medical. The code expires on 4/21/18.

Thanks Sugar Medical for the OmniPod diabetes supply bag for Grace to review! You make great bags that make having diabetes just a wee bit better and certainly more stylish!