Tuesday, August 4, 2015

D Camp - Year 6

This year she moved to the teen camp. Yes, that side of the camp where the 13-17 year olds reside. It was a big deal not to be on the 'kiddie' side anymore. It was also her 6th year of camp.

The excitement was there, but in a different way. It was less of 'YES I am going away from this house and family for six days, hallelujah!' and more of a 'I get to take a deep breath with my fellow T1-ers for the week.' It was more 'I needed this' than ever before.

Packing has become old hat. I think we started the day before. Check this, check that, yes Mom I have that. Mom can we get this. Mom don't forget to wash that. And it all fit. It always does.

She communed with her DBFF, Lily. The ever-faithful Lily. The one she met 6 years ago and on the car ride home, stated to me 'Lily will always be my best friend, mom. I love her.' That Lily.

And there's now another chain on the link of BFFs, Megan, who she met last year at this camp and lives five minutes away from us. Who would have thought, huh?

Friends. For life.

Her cabin held some of the same girls. They did some of the same activities as previous years. They tried new things. Her endo at camp, Dr. Jill, was delighted to see her, remembering that Grace will need a temp basal decrease if she swims or is really active. She remembers that Grace carb counts like a champ. She remembers her as sweet.

When I drop her off, I make her bed, as I always do. I get her set up. Then I say goodbye. It's not sad at all this year. She is home. She is happy.

I'll see her in 6 days and we each will be renewed, for different reasons.