Monday, June 27, 2011

Gourmet Dinner for Diabetes and We're All Invited!!!

This appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday and today. It definitely caught my eye.

You will get a gourmet dinner ( I wonder if they will give a carb count?!!!!!)

Then you can listen to dear old doctor talk about how you too can know the secrets behind how to literally reverse your diabetes, reduce your needs and of course, your dependence (kind of a cutting and little demeaning, imagine having to DEPEND on something!) and realize your true potential of becoming a non-diabetic. All the possibilities in one little seminar!

This local doctor is at an Health Center. She is the sole doctor there. She labels herself the 'Senior Clinic Director' but with no other  doctor staff working with you, I guess you can label yourself anything you want. Hey, I'm President! How about them apples!

I am a fan of integrative medicine, I believe it all works together, mind, body and spirit. I also believe there are natural ways of healing various and sundry illnesses. I also believe in science.

It seems this doctor wants to reverse diabetes in only the Type 2s. Darn it! I'm a little more than put off by her declarations that somehow, Type 2s who do use medications are failures, for lack of a better word. She does want all the Type 2s to 'overcome their condition naturally!' Must be the hidden secrets she plans to reveal at the dinner.

Check out her opinions of the difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

 I disagree with her use of the word 'congenital' and just to make sure I really understood the word, I looked it up. Here it is:


  [kuhn-jen-i-tl]  Show IPA
of or pertaining to a condition present at birth, whether inherited or caused by the environment, especially the uterine environment.

I understand that Grace was pre-destined to acquire Type 1. There was something in her genetics that led us to age 6, being diagnosed with Type 1. There was something that triggered it into action. Something that literally tipped us into Type 1. Or broke the camel's back, if you like that saying more. But was she born with Type 1? No. Some children are. She was born with the predisposition to it, but congenital? Hmmm... I do disagree with the use of the word 'congenital' when talking about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2. I have never heard anyone, including doctors of all kinds, define the difference using that word. It's striking, her use of that word. Almost like, those Type 1s, they were born with it, nothing they could do about it, whereas you, you Type 2s, you can OVERCOME your condition and achieve being non-diabetic. The whole language of it doesn't sit well with me.

My favorite video she has on her website, however, is the one where she explains 'What is Diabetes?' and you have to watch her expression, cause I think she's a bit unsure of herself as she comes to the end, when she states the person is not 'modulating the hormone, insulin, correctly.' It's about :59 to 1:01 on the video. You almost see the thought bubble of 'What did I just say? Am I sure?' It gave me a chuckle.

Anyway, friends, looks like we are invited to a gourmet dinner, but alas, I think I shall sit this one out.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virtual 5K - We Did It!

We did it!

Grace and I walked (ok, she ran a little bit, but I definitely did not run) the Virtual 5K!

We started out with a little message to everyone...

It's for all of YOU - the Type 1s out there.
We walked/ran for you.

Here is a short, condensed video version of our walk/run.
The beginning, middle and end.

Thank you Tara and Reyna for a wonderful idea!
Here's hoping you raised a lot of money for JDRF!

Friday, June 17, 2011

You Can Do This Project

What a wonderful idea that Kim Vlasnik over at the blog Texting My Pancreas had!
The You Can Do This Project.
Letting others know what diabetes is really like and letting them also know that they have the strength to do this.
There are so many great videos out there. Check out her blog, where she has them all listed.

And here's my contribution. Me, in all my glory. Oh dear Lord...

I also thought that the Deaf community might need some inspiration, so I recorded a 'You Can Do This' for any Deaf people who use ASL (American Sign Language) in the DOC. 
No subtitles folks, you gotta know ASL to see what I say:

Monday, June 6, 2011

D-Mom here!

I'm honored to be the featured D-Mom over at Leighann's DMom Blog.
Thanks Leighann!

Click on over and hear some of our story.

D-Mom Blog Featured D-Mom

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Virtual 5K - Let's GO!

Reyna's sister, Tara Tosta, is a runner. No, make that she is a RUNNER. Man, she is serious about this running business. And she had a great idea about a virtual 5K to raise money for JDRF!

A virtual 5K!!!! Like I could walk the 5K and it would still count? No one would be around to see me run, that would be OK? Oh, I am SO in.

I am not a runner. No, make that PENNY is NOT a RUNNER. I am not at all serious about running.
Please do not make me run.

I can walk though. I am a walker! I am going to virtually kick ass on walking this 5K!
Grace and I just registered.
Maybe she will even sing a song for you as we walk our way to the 5K - you never know!

So, now what are you waiting for? Go and register NOW!

Here is the information from Mommysarunner blog (Reyna's sister, Tara):

Race to Cure Diabetes (Virtual 5K, 3.1 miles = 5K)

To enter go to this JDRF page and donate $10.  All entry fees are $10.  If you donate a chunk of money and it is for multiple folks all you need to do is let me know who is registered under your donation.  I will keep an updated log of all registrants posted on my blog.  If you do not show up, let me know and I will get it fixed.  If Blogger gives you issues with commenting just email me at:

1. Donate $10 you are registered for the race
2. The race is from June 24-June27th (all finishers need to report finish/time by midnight on the 27th to be entered into the raffles).  Any time during that period you can get out there and run or walk your 5k.  Once you are finished, post your name and time (time not required) and if you send me a picture you get one extra entry into the raffle.  Pictures will be on the blog so if you are not ok with me posting it then don't send it.
3. Beginning on Saturday June 25th there will be a raffle once a day for all finishers of the 5K, so the earlier you get your 5k done the more chances you have to win one of our awesome prizes (and yes more companies have stepped up)
4. I will try and get all prizes raffled off by the 30th but, we may have to go a few extra days depending on the number of entrants and number of prizes.

Once the 5K begins there will be a list posted each day of all of the finishers with a number next to your name.  That number is simply your number for the raffle.  It doesn't mean anything else.

The list of companies and folks who have donated continues to grow: Liz Day is making an awesome necklace, Cindy Roering is making scarf, Felt Creations is making a Felt Creation, Fuzzy Feet is donating, RoadID is donating, Head Sweats has sent a hat and visor, Sweatybands has sent a head band, RazzyRoo is sending headbands, Injinji is sending a pair of socks, and Tallygear is making multiple Sport Belts for the Race.  I have emails out to multiple other companies but would love more ideas so, let me know if you have thoughts on who might donate so we can make the raffle so big people can't resist.

Lets show Type 1 Diabetes who is boss.  There has to be some answers out there for why this disease happens and how to cure it.  There just has to be a better way so, lets get the 10 lb heads the money they need to do the research and find a cure/solution.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grace SingAlong Vlog

So, Grace asked me for a Diet Coke (a treat around here) and said she was gonna do a 'project' and asked if could she use my computer in the basement. (And yes, the basement is a mess, it's like Toys R Us has a branch location here, and they exploded in my basement, oh and the books, yes, we love to read.)

"Sure" I said, I'm all for 'projects.'

This is what I found on Photo Booth on my Mac two days ago. It is the very essence of her.
Subtitles courtesy of me.
I couldn't resist.

And so, without further adieu, here's Grace's 'project.'
Hope this puts a smile on your face today.