Saturday, October 5, 2013


Independence - doing something by yourself, free from dependence. Dependence on a nurse, dependence on Mom, Dad, an 'other' who looks over your shoulder. I am been digging deep this last year to create more of this - independence. What it looks like to me is that Grace does it herself. We have worked on the expectation, I have modeled what I expect in terms of care, she has done it semi-independent and she has done it with me checking in.

Now we are spinning towards independence. No checking with me, just checking in cause she wants me to know. Doing it herself. Sometimes I force it. And she does it. Sometimes I wait. And she does it. But my gal is doing it, exactly what I would have done.

Independence at a sleepover she wanted to attend. With a big dance with her sleepover mate the night before. I hadn't heard from her since about 10 pm the previous night. Then, this morning, I get this:

I want to explore what this means in terms of her care. Independence from me. That's my ultimate goal, right? Independence so she cares for herself, with my role changing to monitor and guide. 

Growing up rocks.


PancreasticMom said...

Oh, WOW! I'm amazed! I don't even know how to do the 50/50 -combo bolus stuff! Go Grace!! (it's on my re-read that part in "Think Like a Pancreas" and try to understand it this time, but I just haven't done it)

Sandy said...

I'm impressed! Way to go!