Friday, November 25, 2011

It started with the rice

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I am so very sleep deprived that it's not even funny. In fact, it IS funny, cause I will uncontrollably laugh at anything, precisely because I am sleep deprived!

Grace has had some wacky overnights this past week. Lows after dinner, then treated, only to rebound sky high. Wakes up perfectly in range. The diabetes Goddesses are seriously messing with me.

Here is a rendition of Tuesday night. In all it's glory. Ever have one of these nights?

5 pm - 127 BG - 68 g carbs - 3.10 units (2.00 now, 1.05 over 2.5 hours)
Dinner time. Perfect in range number. We have chicken and white rice. I know white rice is a challenge for her. It's one of her favorite foods, and we eat it about once a month.

5:20 pm - 43 g carbs - 2.40 units - temp basal +20% for 3 hours
She wants more rice. I up the insulin and add in a temp basal for good measure.

7:00 pm - 37 BG - Suspend insulin - 1 15g juice, 2 glucose tabs, 1 15 g snack (all uncovered)
Grace comes out of the shower and says she feels a wee bit low. I test her. Thirty flippin seven. She replies that she feels more like a 65. Which I find funny, that she is in touch with what number BG she may be feeling. I think I dosed too much for the rice.

7:20 pm - 69 BG - Still suspended insulin - 1 15g snack (uncovered)
Still trying to climb out of the foxhole.

8:00 pm - 43 BG - Still suspended insulin - 1 15g juice, 1 17g granola bar (all uncovered)
OK, really, forty flippin three? I thought we were climbing out, not heading back down the foxhole!

8:30 pm - 61 BG - Still suspended insulin - 1 about 17 g banana (uncovered)
Here we go again. I think we heard this tune before, didn't we? Up, down, up, down.
Grace goes to bed. I assure here 'I got this honey, you just go to bed.'

9:00 pm - 106 BG - Still suspended insulin (for good measure)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Little did I know that was the freight train headed my way.

9:20 pm - 262 BG - Turn insulin basal rate back on - Bolus .70 units for high BG
OK, didn't see that coming. All of this food and suspended insulin is starting to build up. But I'm too scared to set a large temp basal for fear of plummeting again.
The house starts to go to bed. It's just me. Awake on the iPad in the hallway.

10:00 pm - 259 BG - (.65 IOB) - Temp basal of +20% for .5 hour
Isn't that the same number? This is where I loved Apidra. Man, that insulin attacked highs and sent them down baby. Novolog takes its sweet ole time. Ticks me off. I can take lows, it's the highs that do me in.

10:30 pm - 305 BG - Bolus .35 - Temp basal of +30% for .5 hour
Here's where I cursed, cause I finally catch on how this night is gonna roll. We are climbing. The snacks are digesting, the lack of insulin from suspending it, all coming to bite me in the bottom. I am sleepy and I just wanna cry.

11:00 pm - 342 BG - Bolus .35 - Temp basal of +50% for .5 hour
I believe I cursed a lot here. A whole string of obscenities, but I used no voice, just mouthing filthy word after filthy word. It felt good. I throw caution to the wind and I plug in a +50% temp basal. Who's your Mama now, D, huh?!!

11:30 pm - 309 BG - (.95 IOB) - Temp basal of +20% for 1 hour
A lower number! You know how our thinking is so twisted that I am excited to actually see a 309. That's sick, somehow. But she is coming down. I think I kissed the PDM.

I sat back down in the hall with my iPad. I leaned my head back and fell asleep. This is not like me.
I awoke with a start. It was 1:00 am. Craptacular.

1:00 am - 343 BG - Bolus .65 - Temp basal of +50 % for 1 hour
Mother of God - she's up again! What the heck happened? Now I am REALLY awake.

1:30 am - 294 BG - Bolus .05 - Temp basal is still running
Yeah, lower!!!! Do you feel like you are on the rollercoaster with me? Only this rollercoaster stinks.

2:00 am - 281 BG - Bolus .10 - Temp basal of +20% for 1 hour
Now I'm mad. Now, D, you have totally ticked me off. You will not win.

2:30 am - 204 BG - No bolus - Temp basal is still running
I am winning! I am winning! I am winning! I also feel punch drunk.

I try and lay my head down for a few hours.

6:00 am - 110 BG - No IOB
Hee hee hee. I think I might have won :0)

That was my night. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Cause I know there were Mamas sitting in hallways just like me, waiting for lows to rise and highs to come down.

Grace wakes up at 7 am.
'Mom, how was my night?' - Something she always has asked me, meaning 'how were her blood sugars overnight?'

'Oh honey, you were fine all night. I made sure of it.'


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

When I saw rice in the post title, I just cringed.LOL My son cannot tolerate white rice either. Brown rice is fine, but white rice is definitely a challenge.

What a great mom you are! We definitely do what we can to take the burden from our kids. You did a fantabulous job!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Thanks for sharing that. I really appreciated to see how you handled everything. I esp. loved to hear how you extended your bolus...I'm always guessing there...And I can't believe her stubborn highs and lows. How frustrating for you. Sorry you had an all night battle...

Kristin said...

Right there with you, obscenities and all! Weird how once an early night high settles in, it's so resistant. Hats off for a night on watch, and hope you don't see that anytime soon again!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Totally feel you...though our night was trying to keep Bean from staying low. Odd for her.
Hope you got an awesome nap!!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this will help since she obviously has a problem with rice. Uncle
Ben's Converted Rice (it's white) is the lowest glycemic rice there is at a GI value of 36, whereas even brown rice has a GI value of 50. I think it's fairly healthy, the process cooks all the nutrients into the rice. So if you haven't tried it already, maybe it will help. Maybe not, but hoping it will since she likes it.

Diabetes311 said...

thank for sharing in your journey...

k2 said...

Hugs & you're amazing!

Unknown said...

Just catching up...I've been in a haze craze for the past several days/weeks...years?

(((hugs to you))) Nights like that totally make me want to cry. I'm so proud of you for the victory.

You. are. badass.

Meri said...

I threw up a little in my mouth taking that roller coaster ride with you!


Nights like that take years off our lives...but look at the reward! A happy kid who got a good night sleep!