Thursday, November 3, 2011

Endo Visit & Diabetes Candy Exchange

We just had our 3 month endo visit on Tuesday. Grace's A1C remained at 7.1. Yes, I am fully and well aware that that is a 'good' A1C, but I am used to 6.6, 6.8 and even 6.4's. And I so wanted to 'do better' this time around, as her A1C 6 months ago was also 7.1. Then again, I know that I should be thrilled with 7.1. Her growth hormones are beginning, we are starting early puberty and had some uber-highs, from the hormones and from our knock-down-drag-out battle with Apidra. That's chronicled here.

I chalked it up to 'It's good, but we can do better.' And just to put it out there, that is HARD for me. Usually when I do and try my best, I get my best. And maybe this IS our best. Frankly, maybe this is rock-your-socks-off-no-one-else-could-that best, but it doesn't FEEL like MY best, if that makes any sense at all from my twisted mind.

A1C does freakin things to your mind. It's not a grade, yet it IS a grade.
Hell with it.
We will do our best and see how we fare in 3 months.
That's all I can do.

We attempted the Bayer A1C test. What a bust that was. Apparently, we did not have enough blood to do the test. We filled the 'blood filling device' to its brim, but the A1C device gave out a code after 5 minutes that there was not enough blood. Big disappointment. I am saving the other test in the kit for our 3 month endo appt in February.

Look - here's us following the darn directions!
And waiting 5 minutes for the test to end.

The code that says 'not enough blood.'

It was a completely diabetic day on Tuesday, as we had our annual Diabetic Candy Exchange at our local hospital. You can read about last year's 2010 Candy Exchange. Once again, it was fabulous!

Grace brought her bag of candy that she did not like to the exchange. She kept 'the good stuff' as she puts it. She forked over the rest. They carted away tons and tons and tons of candy that the kids brought in. Literally, wagons of candy. I, of course, scooped out the fun size little bags of Skittles - what diabetic throws them away? They bring you up from a low baby! I put my hand right in that giant bag and scooped them out. Grace was embarassed. I wasn't. Any one of you D-Mamas would have done the same thing!

They had pizza, of course. Grace and I chose the hospital cafeteria food instead. They had booths, a pumpkin carving man, raffles for the kids to enter, and of course, face painting.

Grace needed the swirls on her face.

And they rocked my gal's favorite thing - CRAFTS!!!!
And girl, did she ever go to town on the letter bracelets and necklaces.
They totally cracked me up.

Here is Grace's:

Here is the one she made me:

Here is the one she made our OmniPod rep, who had a table there:


Meri said...

We used to have a big party at our hospital too. It was awesome and every year went down hill from there, until finally...gone. :(

That is the first thing my husband and I did was take all the skittles, divide them between the two of us to put in our cars for lows. HELLO! Only a rookie would throw those away! :)

Sorry about the test not working! That would make me SO upset. And I KNOW you followed each and every direction to the T! NO FAIR> But that A1C is amazing. For serious, be proud of what you accomplished!!!

Joanne said...

How cute! Love the face paint and the bracelets. Sorry the test didn't work for you. And I think your A1C was fantabulous! Way to go momma pancreas!

Jess said...

A1cs are the devil. nothing else has the ability to rob you of your joy like that stupid number does. but 7.1 is fantastic, especially for a kiddo! it may not feel like it, but it is definitely work celebrating!

and that candy exchange looks like so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

You know what I think about the a1c. So rocking' it. The exchange sounds like it was great!

Jules said...

i too struggle with the a1c. its a judgment to me on how we are doing. do you find it sad going into the hospital for events. last christmas we had a magic show and presents for the siblings as well as the type 1's. i found myself remembering that as i read your post, tearing up, it blows that my kids were so happy and i was so sad... blergh!

Alexis Nicole said...

I'm late.

Buuuut rockin A1C baby. You knw it.

And where's My necklace?? I want "hair flipper" ;) love u!!

Anonymous said...

A1c is still all good. Especially with pubertal growth spurts. Funny about the numbers. I feel entirely different about a 6.9 A1c than a 7.0. But it's essentially the same. I know how you feel though; feel the same way. Like to see sixes, even highsixes.

Misty said...

Oh those darn A1Cs! Definitely feels like a report card to me too. It's funny, when reading your post I was saying "no, don't beat yourself up. That's a great A1C!". Yet, I totally get how you are feeling because Ally's last one was exactly the same and I came home feeling defeated.

Loved seeing the pictures!

LaLa said...

That's a great a1c, friend!! But I know what you mean, jellybean!

The candy exchange looked awesome -- Love, Love, Love all of the bead work. Super Nate's Mom here, please! :)

I know I've said this before but Grace is just gorgeous! You should change the name of your blog to A Gorgeous Grace!

Share some skittles!! :)