Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rowing the boat

When I think of the DOC I think of all of us rowing a boat together.
Weird, I know. Bear with me here.
We are on a journey together, each of us placed here for a common goal, to support one another.
To say to each other 'You are not alone on this journey, I am with you."
To lift each other up, no judgments and no blame, no criticism that stings and no harsh words that wound.
That's why I came to the DOC and why I stay, because I'm in the darn boat and I need help.

So, we are all in the same boat.
PWDs, CWDs, T1s, T2s, caregivers, relatives.
One boat.
And that boat fits all of us. Every single one of us. Amazing, isn't it?
There is always more room in the boat. Always.
We welcome new members aboard, although it's a boat they never wished to travel on.

The water is smooth sometimes.
Its sunny some days and cloudy the next.
And sometimes the ocean is choppy and rocks the boat.
Sometimes it's so rough that it almost tips us over.
The funny thing is, it never does.

You see, we are all rowing the boat.
But, we are all not rowing at the same time you see.
Sometimes, people need rest from rowing. It's tiring to row all the time.
People grow tired, people get upset, people are done with this boat and this ocean and all these other people on this damn boat. And they wish to get off, to just stop rowing.

That is the time that the others on the boat say to that person -
"Let me row for a while. I have the strength now. You take a rest. Clear your mind. Look at the ocean. Chat with others. I'll do the hard work and keep us afloat and steady on the course. Let me row for a while."

And we all take turns rowing.
We know that it could be us soon enough, needing a break.
We know that we have the strength to lift the oars when others are tired.
We are in the boat and it is what is saving us.


meanderings said...

Well, gee. This is absolutely wonderful!

Unknown said...

Me too...All of this. You said it perfectly Penny. I am bummed out by a few posts in the DOC discussing our parenting/pancreating techniques. Life and "D" are hard enough. Let's lift each other up. Let's support one another. Let's laugh together. Let's dream of communes where we can all live united and watch each other's children while they play and do the night checks to give one another a break. I am done commenting on blogs that host print and host such nonsense. Thank you for this. I can go to bed feeling a little "lighter" in my heart. xoxo

Alexis Nicole said...

I am flippin crying! BEAUTIFUL.

I heart you. And while I wish the journey was something else, I would row that boat with you anyday my love!

LaLa said...

Ditto what all 3 above said!
I love ya, Lady and i am so happy that we are rowing together. You lift me up!!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Incredibly well put. Totally sums up this life we are all living and supporting each other through.

I'm totally ready to pack my bags and move into the commune, Reyna!!

row, row, row!!!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad we're on this boat together.

It was lonely on that island I was stranded on for awhile.

And I know I don't always row the boat the way someone else might, but we're still afloat, so I must be doing okay...which means their way must be okay too, because, like I said...we're still floating.

Thank you, my friend.

I hope this storm passes quickly.

Jules said...

Well put Cap'n Penny! Love and hugs to you. You are such a geat support to me. The ride is so much easier because of you and my other contacts in the D community.

k2 said...

Love that we are all on the same boat!
I love that working together as a team, we can all keep the boat steady whenever the waves start to get rough!
Hey, can I be on dolphin watch?
Kelly K