Monday, December 27, 2010

Drink the soda first

We went to see Tangled today at the movie theater.
On the way in, with our ticket, Grace got a coupon for a free small soda.
She got a Diet Coke. She always gets a Diet Coke when she is allowed soda.

As she sits in the theater, drinking it sip by sip, she looks at me.
"Mom, I'm pretty sure that this isn't Diet Coke."

I quickly take a sip, but now my heart is racing and I am thinking -
'Penny, the one flippin time you don't taste her soda first!!!!!'
and I cannot decide if it's real Coke or diet Coke, cause I never drink Coke and now, I cannot even taste it if it's gasoline cause my brain is trying to do the math of 5 minutes of drinking regular Coke...

I have my other daughter taste it. She doesn't think it tastes like Diet Coke.
I literally walk as fast as humanly possible with a 3/4 full cup of soda to the concession stand.

'Uh, I think you gave my daughter regular Coke when she asked for Diet Coke."
"Oh yeah, I think I did" - she actually tells me she knew she made a mistake!
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

'Cause my daughter has Type 1 diabetes and this could have gone REALLY wrong if she drank all of this Coke."

I am met with blank stares and complete silence. 

Lesson noted - always, always, taste test the soda when it's served by someone else.


Heidi =) said...

That happened to us just the other day. I was in bed sick (sick is an understatement)and my husband decided to treat the kids to fast food. He ordered a diet cola for Bekah and bolused her for the meal (chicken nuggets and fries) (somewhere around 50 carbs) 2 hrs later he got a 452 BG check. He tried calling the manager but he didn't speak English very well so he wrote a letter to corporate. Scary stuff! The new Coke 0 tastes so much like regular I'm not sure I could tell the difference. I'm glad you caught it before she drank the whole thing!

Alexis Nicole said...

Ugh! Thats always my fear. Good job Grace for catching it!!

Anonymous said...

Damn Skippy Sista! Wouldn't have even thought to do that! Thanks for the heads up! Glad all turned out ok in the end!!!

Unknown said...

WOW Penny! Glad she noticed the difference...UGH. That could have been a mess.

I am fortunate b/c Joe HATES carbonated no coke for him!

Donna said...

you can always test it with your bg meter. =)
I know.... I have the same problem... I cant taste the difference either! I have to have my husband do it (if he is around) or else I am clueless.
And I so get what you were saying about the blank stare.... I hate the blank stares.

Tracy1918 said...

Oh Wow! That's scary! I'm glad she said something.

I'm really blessed that Matthew refuses to drink soda!

Sarah said...

And this is how I became a soda drinker - I had to test for my husband countless times and usually he was right and the person had screwed up. Sadly they usually admitted that they knew they screwed up but that they didn't think it was a big deal. Could you imagine somebody thinking of serving a person with a peanut allergies peanuts wouldn't be a big deal...grr! Glad you caught it before it was all gone!