Tuesday, December 28, 2010

38, and it's not my age

"Mom, I feel low!"
Aren't those some of the yuckiest words in the English language?
She just tested at 9 pm at 190 and I dosed .50 units, how could she possibly be low?
But I never tell her not to test, so she does.
Thirty flippin' eight
How does that even happen?
And she is still standing. Telling me she feels a wee bit dizzy, but standing at the edge of my bed, proclaiming a 38.
Diabetes, you like to mess with me don't ya?
So, two Juicy Juices down (that's 30g carbs total) here we go.
15 minutes later - 50
I lower her basal by -60% for one hour to help things.
30 minutes later - 65
45 minutes later - 85
1 hour later - 106
I win.

And then she wakes up and says,
"Is it OK for me to go to sleep Mom, with being low and all?"

You bet your sweet patootie it is honey, this monster went down tonight.


Alexis Nicole said...

Blast you diabetes but haha Penny and Grace kicked ya butt! I never understood why these things sometimes just dont work (isfs and corrections)...we at the advice our endo have stopped correcting anything under 200 at bedtime or while he sleeps, as much as I haaate it and he usually comes down on his own. During the day another story..Worth a shot? Idk...:)

Unknown said...

YAY for Penny and Grace...BOO!!!! for Diabetes. You know Penny I never quite know why or how during episodes like that. It seems we go through periods where our ISFs (or correction factors) work fabulous...and then other times not-so-much. AND...the higher the number...the more magnified the ISFs strength or weakness becomes...UGH. Diabetes does not play by the rules that it has made up. It is NOT FAIR! WAH...WAH..

Ok, I'll stop being a baby now. LOL. (((HUGS)) I hope you guys got a great night of sleep.

Penny said...

Hey there gals... I honestly think little ole Grace had something on her hand/finger when I tested and she was 190. I should have retested, as she seems to run on the low end lately before bed. Methinks she was on the downhill slide at 190, then I compounded the problem by dozing .50 when she was already low-ish. I am letting her correction factors stand right now as I just changed them about a week ago. I stand on ready guard for the monster tonight. Oh and she's gonna wash her hands :0)

Hallie Addington said...

Ugh. Sweetpea does the same thing- she can in the 30's... 40's.... Even a 26 - acting perfectly fine with no hint of being low. Freaks me out. So glad she came up and yiu gave D a big ol whack in rump!

Pam said...

Of course she could go to sleep - her ever vigilant mama pancreas was on call! No worries sweet girl, Mama will take care of you.

Unknown said...



High Five, D Mama. You rocked it :)

I'm proud to be your blogging buddy!!

Now where the heck are our freaking championship trophies?

Tracy1918 said...

Yay! Isn't it just bizarre when lows like that happen? On half a unit! What gives!

But you won! Yay!

LaLa said...

38 --- that number is my age in about 12 days. I don't like it for my age or for Sweet Grace's BG.

Boo 38!!!

Tracy1918 said...

We had the same thing happen this morning and I had to send you another comment.

Noon BG 205
correction of .85
1pm: 70!

What's up with that?!

Penny said...

Oh Tracy I am sorry it's happening to you too! Grace's correction factor (her insulin sensitivity) is really off these days and I am trying like heck to get it manageable so it brings her down within range, but doesn't leave IOB (insulin on board) and then tank her. So far I have increased from 1:80 to 1:110. I am trying this new sensitivity for a few days and see if we do better.

What you have to do is first figure out if the basals are correct through basal testing. If he holds for a good 6 hour stretch at the basals you have set, then do the I:C ratios with set carbs that you KNOW are the carbs of something he eats. Test your correction factor. Does the correction factor bring him down within range 2 hours after eating.

Then move on to insulin sensitivity and the correction factor. So, knowing basals are correct, get a time when he goes into a meal with a high blood sugar, preferable 230-250 or more, bolus for the correction at whatever sensitivity he is at and then check 2 to 3 hours later - has he come down and what does he have on board. Ideally you should see a number near range and not much on board so that if he didn't eat, he would be ok and not falling in blood sugar.

That's where I am right now. Looks like your kiddo dropped 135 points within an hour on a .85 correction. I might suspect insulin sensitivity and the ratio being off, but you have to assure yourself the basals and I:C are correct before you do.

I'm not sure if it's the weather change or what that's making these differences. Or maybe a growth spurt. Or maybe God is laughing. Or maybe diabetes. Yeah, I'd bet on the straight diabetes.

Hope this helps.