Tuesday, November 9, 2010

D-Blog Day - 6 from the G

It's DBlog Day! Thanks to Gina Capone.

I thought I would ask the source herself all about her diabetes, so, as they say, from Grace's mouth, here are her thoughts in summation.

6 things you should know about Type 1 diabetes, from Grace herself...

1. You can have great friends when you have diabetes
There's L from camp, and my penpal G and my friend Kelly. I love them. They all have diabetes. That makes us all the same in one way. They are girls and I love that too.

2. I love cookies and I have diabetes
And my Mom says that it's ok. I like cookies. I like chocolate chip cookies. Oh and KitKat bars too. I ate them at Halloween and I loved each one of them. And I have diabetes. Ha ha.

3. Sometimes I don't really like to drink juice, but I have to
Juicy Juice is what mom gives me when I am low sometimes. You would think I would like to drink it every time, but lately I don't. I get sick of it. It does make me feel better, but I am so tired of the little boxes.

4. It's an insulin pump. Not a radio or an iPod
Every one of my friends knows what it is, but people out in a store or a restaurant cannot figure it out. So sometimes I tell them it's my iPod. It makes me laugh when they look shocked. But it's REALLY funny to me and then they stop staring at me. I know it looks like an egg, but it's just my pump.

5. Counting carbs makes me good at math
I am really good at math. I can add, subtract, borrow and carry. I am learning how to do multiplication. Mom says I know how to add from all the carb counting and adding that I do. I can even add in my head! Like large numbers and things. So, yeah, diabetes has made me smarter in math.

6. I love American Girl, but I wish she had a pump!
All my friends have American Girl dolls and I have one too. Her name is Jessica and she looks exactly like me. She was my present when I came home from the hospital after I got diabetes. Now I wish they made a pump for her, cause she could be just like me then. They don't make one, but when I go to the NYC American Girl store, I am telling someone to make one.

7. People with diabetes have really cool events.
I have gone to Diabetic Candy Exchanges, Jamborees, camp and the JDRF Walk. And I have had fun at each one of them. We didn't go to events like this before I had diabetes, so now that I have it, at least they have some good things to go to.

8. My sisters don't have diabetes and it's all OK
One of my sisters has autism. One doesn't. They both don't have diabetes. But we are all different. Just like I have blue eyes and one of my sisters doesn't. I still belong in this family, it's just we are all different. It's OK as my Mom always says.

9. Diabetes means that I'm awake at night
My Mom checks on me at 2 am every night. Sometimes I try and help her out by lifting my finger out from the covers. I know she is coming. Sometimes I don't even wake up. Sometimes I don't want her to prick my finger, but she does anyway. Always. At 2 am, did I say that? I guess that's OK.

10. I'm just Grace with D
Before I was Grace without D, which totally cracks me up. Now I am Grace with D. Hey, if you put the D at the end of Grace you end up with the word 'GraceD'


Alexis Nicole said...

i adore her. And her answers. Youre doing an awesome job mama!

Donna said...

Grace - you are incredible. INCREDIBLE! Your answers were insightful and SO grown up! Your mom must be so proud of you. And you should be proud of your mom... because by the sounds of it, she does a rockin' awesome job helping you to live with D. And yes - I think you are truly GRACED! =)

k2 said...

You crack me up and I love you too!
Thanks for writing such an awesome post AND for calling me a "girl!"
Love ya!
Kelly K

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome! I cracked up at the great final point about being GraceD - outstanding. Tell you, the friends within the DOC are great. Thanks for sharing, Grace! Oh, and I like cookies too!

Joanne said...

awwwww, I lover her answers... she sounds wise beyond her years!

Heather said...

Awesome Answers, Grace!

Jules said...

Love it! Grace, you rock.

Nicole said...

OK I loved every single point on your list..great job Grace(d) :)

Pam said...

THEY DO MAKE INSULIN PUMPS FOR AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS! My Grace has one for her doll. If you Google "insulin pumps for dolls" I'm sure it will come up. I bought it from the same place that I've gotten some of her pump pouches. Could be a great holiday present! If you can't find it email me and I'll try to find our receipt.

Penny said...

Pam - NO WAY!!!! I gotta Google it right now and find it!!! She doesn't even care which kind of pump - she just wants a pump for Jessica! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Briley said...

I never had a pump for my American Girl Dolls (this was pre-pump era), but my mom did call and they made a hospital bracelet just like my medic alert bracelet for my doll.

Anonymous said...

Nice job GraceD!!! Love your answers and remember you inspire people by letting everyone know what you think and feel! ((hugs))

Meri said...

I like cookies too G! The chocolate chip kind...HOMEMADE...are my favorite!

Your list is wonderful!

Kassie said...

I could not love this post more!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, Grace, you are so wonderful!!!

Jack gets sick of juice, too.