Monday, August 30, 2010

Thirty five

Yep, 35.
That's the low my gal just encountered, while getting out of our pool.
Cruised into dinner at a beautiful 107. Ate like a champ. Even dosed for a treat of 2 cookies after dinner.
45 minutes later, in the pool after dinner, she says she is shaky and her tummy hurts.

Crank that meter up, expecting a 50, a 60.
Thirty five.
Crying, looking confused, weepy, semi-incoherent 35.

One juice box and two glucose tabs and 15 minutes later

"Mommy, is that the 35 making me forget my words? I forgot I was trying to say 'pool'."

35 - you can go suck it.


Pam said...

35 CAN suck it! I can't imagine what that must feel like to our girls, not being able to remember words. Scary!

PS - My G is working on a letter for your G!

Unknown said...

WOW...I am so sorry Penny and Grace. UGH. I hate numbers in the 30s. THEY.ARE.PLAIN.UGLY.

Nicole said... scary!! Poor Grace and so sorry to hear Penny!!

It is just so scary!!

Unknown said...

Ugh, 35 is not fun. Last year, one month into diabetes, my daughter got off of the bus from the first day of school unable to string a sentence together. 39. Definitely never want to see that again. Sorry :(

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Yes, 35. Suck it!

Amanda said...

Bless her heart! And yours too! That stinks.
You gave me a good laugh with your go suck it comment...

Jen said...

Just jumping in to say 35 can suck it!
That stinks!!

Meri said...

I'm ready to form an angry mob and kick 35's arse! Who's with me!

Glad Grace is ok!

Unknown said...

I was seriously hoping to wish you a happy 35th birthday....EEK!!!!! I wasn't expecting that!!!!!!

So happy that 35 was squashed into the ground. Hope things are nice and even-steven right now!!!

OH, and thanks for thinking of us and the GF thing the other day. I totally get your frustration with pizza :) Just wish the "food thing" would be given more consideration on so MANY levels when it comes to this stuff!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, yeah, 35 can go suck it, alright!

Jules said...

I'm with you all. Just off to grab my pitchfork and join the angry villagers' mob.
Hope you are both OK now.

LaLa said...

Suck it 35!!!!!!!!!
We love you, Sweet Grace!!