Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Re- DO - LOOK! A Miracle Button!

****** OK, if you have copied and dropped my blog button into your reading list, you might have to do it again, sorry gals! For some reason, the link is not working on certain sites - like Meri, and Heidi. So gals, can you delete the one you have and pop up the one that is posted now? That one works. And if someone could actually tell me that it DOES work - like when you click on the button, it sends you back here, to this site - that would be utterly fantastic!!!!

I totally made a button for this blog. Can you even believe it?
I saw everyone had one and like a good follower, I made one for A Sweet Grace!

Now this is remarkable for a few reasons...
... I cannot operate our DVD player at home
... I cannot set the alarm on my clock radio cause it's too hard
... I cannot figure out how long to cook a pot roast, so I just don't
... I cannot re-program anything that should ever need re-programming
... I do not understand HTML code, nor do I ever want to
... I do not calculate anything or do any higher math other than bolus units needed for one diabetic girl

So, now all of you in D-blogger land - go and get my button!
It's on the sidebar.
Yes, the color is a bit 'off' but I'm going for 'good enough' here, not perfect.

Why get the button, you ask?
Cause it's a MIRACLE!

And THANKS to everyone who offered to help, after my technological-frustration reigned supreme!
*(And yes, I am talking to you Heidi - still sending you love, kisses and steady BGLs )


Pam said...

Nice button!

I'm with you on the pot roast, sista!

Anonymous said...

I just added it to my blog!

Unknown said...

I'mmma GRABBIN'...I'mmma GRABBIN'!!! Nice job on it btw. I farmed mine out - lol!

Unknown said...

Hey...button is NOT working. Has anyone else tried it out?

Unknown said...

YIPPEE FOR CUTE BUTTONS...and congrats :)

I grabbed it, but it's not working for me either. Don't fret! You'll figure it out....I mean....look at the mad skills you have so far!

Penny said...

Boo hoo hoo... I told you all I was seriously technically challenged. Here I thought it worked and it doesn't at all. If anyone has any clear, easy idea how to make my button work, please email me.

Penny said...

It works now gang - grab away!!!!

Denise said...

Been noticing all the buttons....I want one too! How do I do it??

April Ann said...

Ok- I think I have you beat- not only can I not even fathom how to make a blog button; I can't even figure out how to add all my beloved d-blogger buttons to my own blog. Just picture me slamming myself in the forehead with my hand in the shape of a big fat "L" for loser.
Ok I feel better after confessing.


LaLa said...

Cracking me up! Totally grabbing your button!!

Heather said...

Love the button! I want to make my own too! Now if only I had time to figure it out! I might have to hire mine out. :)

Jen said...

Nice work! I will be grabbing it right..NOW! I am going for "good enough" with my own as well. Should be ready today so come on over and check it out!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Happy to have helped, but you're on your own for the DVD player, alarm clock and pot roast!!! :)