Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'G' and 'D' at the Beach

Everyone needs a little medical ID on the beach.

I don't know if you can see that beautiful 87, but there it is!
4 hours in the ocean at -20% basal rate.

Thank the sweet Lord for completely waterproof Pods!
The girl loves to boogie board!

3 days. In the water 4+ hours straight.
SkinTac and waterproof insulin pumps ROCK!

35g a slice.
Extend 1/2 of the dose for an extra hour and we are home free!

Good to know should we ever want fried sweet potatoes.
Love how they post the carbs!
Don't you wish everything came with a carb count already on it?!

Fireworks on the beach.
Is there any sweeter sentence than that?!



Pam said...

That's the cutest ID bracelet! Where did you get it?

Tell me that's Mack n Mancos pizza! I can't wait to be down there! Holy cow - you only have to exted the pizza bolus 1 hour? I exted Grace's for 4, and then raise her basal for another 2.

Glad you're having a great time!

Penny said...

Hi Pam - Oh you bet that's Mack n Mancos - best pizza on the boards. For some reason, their pizza doesn't affect her like pizza at 'home' - maybe cause the crust is thinner?
ID is from ID on me (www.idonme.com) and it's her waterproof one. Inside the snap lid is a piece of paper with emergency info on it and all. Really good bracelet. She has her Lauren's Hope one for all other times other than water.
It's HOT down here - the sand getting to the beach is like crossing the Sahara! But oh the water is great! You will have fun when you come!

LaLa said...

Woot-Woot!!! Awesome number, Momma!! Great job - - - love that waterproof pod! I wish I could get Nate's to stay on that long!!!!!! I love all the pics!!

Unknown said...

That POD looks like a SWEET DEAL when it comes to water. I unhook Joe while swimming and then hook him back up to his pump when eating or to "catch up" on basal or to partial bolus for correcting etc while swimming. It is kind of a pain. Been doing it a lot the last week. We are having a massive heat wave here in New England.

Amanda said...

Oh! Those pictures of the beach are killing me! In a good way. =) I love the beach so much. I am so glad you get to be there and soak it up AND that it is going so well with the pod!

Lani said...

Ditto! That waterproof pod does rock!! Spent the past week at our lake house in Maine with 90+ degree weather and 4-6 hours of being in the water all day for Taylar. No pod problems. Love that thing!