Saturday, July 24, 2010


There are so many of us now out there, all blogging about life with the D. I think it's wonderful and I cannot tell you how much I learn from all of you. Each and every one of you who is writing about your life with D itself, your child with D or just the presence of D in your life. There is something to be gleaned from each and every one of you. I have been thinking how much I take in in one day and what I do with all the reading of the blogs and I think I found out what I do:

I get little nuggets of wisdom from each of you.
There are parts that touch me, relate to me, relate to Grace and where we are in our journey.

Here are the latest nuggets of wisdom that I have received from you gals and guys out there:

Meri of Our Diabetic Life about changing basal rates with her sons:
Well I have something to say to you…if I change them back; like any LOGICAL person would…well…I’ll be dialing them back up next week. In my experience if you get too strong on the basals, give it time, VERY soon they’ll be right on... Sometimes it just takes a little riding out before things settle.
You see, I was thinking about Grace when I read it. She had been running HIGH all of two weeks and I thought and thought about changing her basals. I was afraid though - of lows. This spurred me to action. I thought, I know Meri knows something about this :0) and I have to give it faith that I know, in my gut, that basal changes would work. The first two days were like walking on ice - we had some 60's and 70's, but nothing lower, and her words 'sometimes it takes a little riding out before things settle' got me through it. Her numbers rock now. Now I know Meri doesn't give medical advice, but it was the sentiment behind it that spoke to me - trust your gut and hang on, cause it may be a little rough, but after the turbulence settles, it's a pretty smooth ride. Wisdom noted.

Steve of Without Envy about his daughter's diabetes and impact on his life:

It is the experience of our hands that we learn from, which fingers to prick, which dark holes to avoid. We are being taught to take it one day at a time, one shoreline after another, celebrating the rewards of everyone’s hard work and  mulling over the things that went wrong. But such discovery has a hard-edged strangeness about it, an awareness that leaves us weary. Yes, with it comes empowerment, but there is always the troubling forethought of what might linger in the unknown. For tomorrow is another day and fear too can be motivating. Parents of children with chronic sickness know this maybe better than most. As Franca put it to me as we were driving away from the doctor’s office with our good news: Every time I leave there, I can’t help but feel like crying.

Steve is an exquisite writer and new to the world of the D with his daughter. I find such strength and beauty in his writing, expressing what I feel at times, much more eloquently than I ever could. He summed up how I feel leaving every endo appointment. Wanting to cry tears oh happiness about the 6.8 A1C and crying tears of sadness because we are here for an appointment in the first place. Such mix of emotions that we deal with every day. And there is the trudging on through it. Day after day. And there is the knowing that others are doing it beside me, and with me, which in a very big sense, keeps me going as well as anything else. 

There are more nuggets. I'll be posting about them.
What nuggets have you gleaned lately?


Meri said...

Thanks for pointing out that I'm not a doctor! LOL! I always go by the three day rule. Watch VERY closely and see where the basal changes lead us.

I love the blog community, I love that we lift each other up, and give eachother the strength to do what we need to do!

Penny said...

I couldn't agree more Meri! Your words just gave me the impetus to do what I had been thinking about doing. Hearing you say it made it click for me. G's basals are so much better these days. And I agree, we give each other strength sometimes to go ahead and just 'do it.'

Amanda said...

It's hard to pick out just one nugget - the overall support and understanding is what has saved me. Seriously. I was feeling pretty isolated and very discouraged until I found this community. You guys are great!

LaLa said...

I love all of the nuggets too!! Great post - seriously great. It's a perfect way to describe it. :)