Friday, May 21, 2010

Tired of the job, but I'm still here....

Apparently you cannot ever give up this job. You cannot give it to someone else, cannot be fired for what you do or say (hey, wouldn't that be nice in a job for real?) and on the other hand, well, you never accumulate vacation time. So little rants about the inconsistencies of the job are to be expected, as well as the unfairness of it all.

For those looking to see how the previous post ended... here is the rest of the day.

3:30 pm - 141
(home from a 45 minute gym class, yeah, she dropped and now I am on the fence - was it the 45 minute aerobic activity or the insulin kicking in? she has 1.2 units of IOB still. hmmmmm.... we shall see. she eats a snack to cover the IOB and i don't cover her for the snack. my fingers are crossed.)

4:30 pm - 93
(let's be frank here, i always want the meter to say 93, it's nirvana to me, so when I actually do get Grace to 93, i do the dance of joy in the kitchen. i make the sound of a homerun hitter hitting it out of the park, grace laughs and laughs at this. she tells me that will be our new secret saying to each other - making a popping sound and hitting the baseball, when we get a near perfect BGL. yes, this is what my life has become.)

5:30 pm - 74 and it's dinner time. and it's pizza.
(did i just strike fear into every D-Mom out there? pizza. for dinner. holy guessing carbfest! i decide to go with my carb-guess of 35 a slice and then portion her dose out into 1.0 unit now and extend 2.0 units over the course of 2 hours. wish me luck.)

8:00 pm - 89
(i believe we have a winner!!! i feel like i should have a ceremony or something. 2 1/2 hours after eating a pizza dinner and we slide into homebase with an 89. the diabetes gods and goddesses must have thought i needed a break after the morning high-fest.)

So, all in all, it wasn't the Pod, which is working just fine. I'm glad I didn't succumb to changing the site. I have tried to be more patient with letting her highs come down and immediately not thinking it's a site issue. Apparently today's high was just that, a REAL time high and climbing and I think the doses I was giving her were just barely touching the surface of the high. I gotta read up on the super bolus for the future.

Thanks everyone for your comments and advice and feedback.
Now if I was a drinking woman, I would be at a bar. But alas, I am not.
Also, no babysitter while I would at the bar. That would be a bad thing, right? Just checking.
So off to bed I go, dreaming of a 93 all night long.....


Wendy said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! So happy you have those beautiful numbers :) WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I feel bad for suggesting changing the Pod. As I typed that, I reminded myself of what I often remind myself (it's never the Pod, it's never the Pod, it's never the Pod). It really is rarely the Pod, but I get so impatient. I'm so psyched for you that you were more patient, let her play gym and let her eat pizza. And holy bolus batman - that bolus rocked it! Nothing like that feeling - nothing!
So on another note, do you typically see highs after a Pod change?

Jen said...

So glad to hear it worked out! I was just coming back over to your blog to tell you I would have done the same thing (waiting it out). You rocked it!

Amanda said...

I wait it out a lot and then I read about other people changing their sites when they get high numbers, and then I second guess myself to death...glad it worked out for you!

I can so identify with your drinking statement. I'm not a drinker either, and I think it's a good thing, because I would probably be drinking myself silly every night since dx!

Reyna said...

WOW...I am jealous of your post-pizza #s!!! GREAT job. We had pizza last night...only one high that corrected nicely though. That is a success in our house with pizza in the mix.

Have a great w/e.

Penny said...

Hey gals - thanks for all the feedback.
Lorraine - yep we see some highs more often than not after a Pod change. OUr CDE recommended bolusing .50 after a site change and that seems to do the trick. Little higher, but not superhigh. I might try .65 or .75 soon when I change the Pod. Do you do the same with Caleb?

Meri said...

I love it when I nail it with pizza or chinese food. It does wonders for our confidence!

I used to always think we needed a set change when we had a random high, and now that is my last resort...unless the super high comes RIGHT after a set change. Great job today!

Anonymous said...

Caleb actually does not see highs after a Pod change (knock wood) which is why if I see 2 highs in a row after a change I get pretty convinced it went in the wrong way. Like I said, I'm pretty impatient. ;)

Laura said...

Hey there - I am behind on blogs so I just caught up on this one and had to go read your last one! Ok - I NEVER think it is the pod because we have never had a bad site. Well, that is never until today!! Crazy - I never blame the pod but today I could not get Nate out of the 400's ---- Yep! So, 2 hours after a big ol' correction I pull the pod and the cannula look like the letter "Z". No ketones so I pulled the pod put on a new one and bolused for dinner and added back in the IOB from the previous correction since I'm pretty sure he never got it.

I would have done the same thing as you - exercise always brings Nate down.

We had pizza tonight - - - love the extended bolus!!

You just never know about these things. FD! or DF! Whichever you prefer. :)

Enough of my random thoughts . . .


Five Bears A-Blogging said...

I hear ya, mama. Our transition to pumping has been so frustrating in some ways...mostly what the heck to do with a persistent high? Is it the site? Or is it the virus everyone had? Or is it a growth spurt? Ugh! I know it's a learning curve, just like after dx, and we'll get it figured out. In the mean time, I have visions of high A1c's dancing in my head. (deep breath) Reading other mom's experiences helps ENORMOUSLY. Thanks for putting it all out there and giving the rest of us Food For Thought. Luv ya, mama! - Mo