Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mom, it's me!!!


"Grace, do you hear that?"

"What Mom, oh that, yeah, I hear that. It's some kind of high sound, like squealing."

"WHERE is it coming from?"

I walk around the kitchen. Grace walks around the kitchen. The sound gets louder in some areas and softer in some areas. I cannot for the life of me figure out where this high pitched squeal is coming from. I check the obvious places - the oven, the refrigerator, my watch. I look at her old meters on the shelf, pulling my ear in close. Nothing. The sound comes and goes as we both walk around the kitchen.

Grace leaves to sit on the couch in the living room.

"G, the sound is gone from the kitchen now."

"It's out here Mom, the sound is out here now. I still hear it."

"What do you mean G?"

I go out to look. I get closer to her. I lean into her and the Pod on her upper right thigh.
It is squealing.

"MOM, it's ME!!!!"


Lani said...

Oh my goodness! I knew exactly where you were going with this post and I had to chuckle as I pictured the whole thing in my head. Hearing the beep and then not hearing it. That must have been so strange!

On a more serious note though, I hope you were able to remedy the problem quickly! We have 4 days until we start pumping insulin so I'm curious as to what actually happened...if you want to share.

Penny said...

Hi Lani! Oh go ahead and chuckle, it was funny! We've never had the Pod squeal like this. I called OmniPod - great service, knowledgeable - and they said to put the PDM next to it and see if it could communicate. The PDM quickly recognized that there was an error in the Pod and told me to deactivate and put on a new Pod. So that's what we did. OmniPod is replacing the Pod and will ship an extra in our next shipment. So, all was well, now we know, squealing - locate the Pod on Grace and probably change it. Good luck with pumping, we have had nothing but great things to say about since we began!

Anonymous said...

What is expiration day or a Pod error? Too funny. Anything that beeps I assume is Caleb first (I also tense a little at any and all beeps). :)

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Yup. Pod. When we got our first shipment, the package was squealing. One of the pods in the package was alarming. Took us 10 minutes to figure out what was making the noise and which box it was coming from! - Mo

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

"was it" not "what is". good golly, i need some sleep.

Anonymous said...

"was it" not "what is". good golly I need some sleep.

my sweet girl said...

I'm wondering how you are liking the omni pod. my daughter is on a medtronic pump, but we are thinking of switching to omni pod. If you get a chance please let me know how you and your daughter like it. Yvette

Penny said...

Hi Yvette,
I hope you get this message. I went to your blog but couldn't find out how to send you an email. This will have to do. Grace loves the OmniPod and honestly, I really love it too. Very user-friendly and I love that it has no tubing. It's features allow you to do a lot, I am in the basic phase right now. I love the auto-insertion too, one click, no insertion sets and we are done. She has been doing very well on it so far. If you want to chat about it more, please email me off-blog at Thanks! Penny

Penny said...

Hi Lorraine,
It was a pod error. The PDM told us it could not communicate with the pod at all. She had it one since one day earlier, so it was still a 'good' pod so to speak. I really hate wasting insulin!!!

LaLa said...

We've had 1 of those noisy pods too! I was searching all over the house! Ah-ha! Nate and his pod were making all of that racket!!

BTW - I remove the insulin from the pods the same way I put it in!! I no likey wasting insulin. I draw it right out of old pod and insert right into new pod. Going from one sterile area to another. :)

I'm glad things are going well other than the noisy pod!

Lani said...

Oh, I wondered about drawing the insulin out to refill another pod but didn't know if you could do it or not. Hmmm.