Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard and then some

Imagine 27 inches of snow one day. Got it?

Then, a few days later, 21 more inches of snow. Got it?

This is what snow armageddon looks like.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm in this blizzard. Like it's all heading my way at once and I am being buried under it all. Sure, 90% of my days are good. I see the sunshine, the rainbows, the little leprechauns at the end of the rainbow holding those pots of gold (ok, maybe that's a delusion). But I do. I really do. I'm generally upbeat, positive, honest, head-on strong and looking on the bright side of life (oh no, Monty Python song playing in my head now...)

Then there are days like this blizzard we are in. The winds whip and whip. The snow causes even bigger drifts. The problems mount. You don't know how you will EVER see the grass again or EVER EVER see the big ole sun again.  The white-out conditions where you cannot see a thing. You are asked to stay off the highways and roads cause they are unsafe and you could crash. They wouldn't find you for days. That kind of thing. Not really on the 'not finding you' thing here, I live near a city, but who wants to take a chance on that, right?!

I feel the same way about the 'betes sometimes. Like it's just all coming at once and it's A LOT. I am buried by it and it's slowly burying my daughter. Ok, maybe a bad analogy with the burying, but you get my drift? (pun intended) It's just so ALL encompassing, in every way. It affects all that she does. We have winds whipping at us. Sometimes it depresses me, in a not so-kind way. 

Then, you know what happens? The sun which you thought didn't exist at all, actually does shine again. You begin to shovel and shovel and shovel the snow away. The roads are clear. The snow starts to melt. You even see a long-hidden blade of grass appear in the backyard. You think, I might actually be able to get up again tomorrow and do this again. 



Meri said...

What a great post! So true!
I'm snowed in today, emotionally anyway.
But I have hope for the sun tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Snow = fun! Hopefully you guys had a wonderful time!