Thursday, January 28, 2010

You too?

It’s amazing this Diabetic Online Community – the DOC.

The people you can find, who say to you –
You mean you do that too?
You have that too?
Your child does that?
You got diagnosed that way?
You reacted that way?
You felt that way?

There is such joy in that, finding someone who gets it.

When Grace was first diagnosed, I wasn’t sure who to reach out to, who I would ever connect with, who would understand this new normal we are now in. Honestly, I thought I was alone. I was the only one in the entire world who had a 6 year old daughter who was just diagnosed Type 1.

Ok, turns out that’s not true at all. But I believed it as if it was.
That was really hard. REALLY.

Now I find moms, dads, people with Type 1 – all over this community.
Now I don’t feel so alone.

That is really good. REALLY.


Jennifer said...

I totally understand!

phonelady said...

yep being as I am a mom who has a grown son who was dxed at 6 I think i know how you feel.

Amy said...

Oh...I so GET THAT! And it is SO GOOD!

Meri said...

Amen! Just to have someone around who has been there, and is such a gift.

LaLa said...

I feel so blessed to have found this D community. Try as my friends do they just don't fully understand what it is like -

I am so thankful for you and all of the D moms and dads out there that totally get it!!

I'm glad to be following your blog and getting to know you! I took your advice and told the CDEs at Children's how I was feeling and am sending my post to the administrators at the hospital

Penny said...

Hi Laura - I'm so glad you found me and I found you - the more D-Moms the better I say! I am so thrilled that you feel you have done something to help the situation. I will be interested in how they respond. I think when we are honest with what we need, we often get what we need. Here's to hoping, right?!
Glad you are here,