Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Low Down

7:30 pm - Bedtime check - 149
Check, right in range 80-150

8.0 units Lantus
Check, normal dose at night

8:35 pm - Let's tune in and see what's happening in the land of Grace

"MOM - I am DIZZY!"
(She is walking down our stairs as she says this. Not the best plan of attack sweetie.
Remind me later to tell her stairs and a diabetic low do not mix.)

"Let's check!"
That's me talking. Only I pretend to talk in a calm voice, oh-so-soothing voice, so not-to-worry -dear-we'll-solve-that voice. Some day I will tape myself and you can all listen and see if I fool you too.


Junior Juice rescued from the frig.
15 g of heaven in a box.
I wanna kiss the makers of Junior Juice. Or at least send them a really cute picture of them rescuing my daughter from a nightmare low. Or some money.

8:50 pm - Let's see what number appears on 'Diabetes Roulette'
Spin that wheel Bob, let's see where it lands.


Was a sweeter number ever seen?

Now let me take this Superwoman cape off and go collapse in a corner.


Megann said...

Hi Penny,
I'm friends with Meri, and she told me to check out your blog. I love it!! My daughter is 3 years old and is T1. Check out our blog

I'm also a member of TuDiabetes. We should be friends.

Meri said...

I always hold my breath when I go in to do the 10pm check. I honestly never know what I will find. I'm sitting here right now...wondering, what wil be. Hoping...we nailed it tonight.

Spot on: Roulette wheel of numbers for sure.

Hallie Addington said...

I feel you! I'm sitting in bed with my kiddo right now. It's 4 am. 63. Ugh Sooooo tired. Waiting for that number on the meter - thinking "no whammies. No whammies.". Well put- glad the juice worked!!