Monday, December 9, 2013


You read that right, What The Heck, BGS. And I mean it.

You would think I would have a handle on blood sugars by now. But that's a farce, isn't it. We really don't have a handle on anything when it comes to diabetes. It's all a giant crapshoot into the darkness. At least it's felt like that the past few days.

I think it's growth hormones, so I increase her basals all the way around. It works for a day or two, then it slams her to the ground with lows, lows, lows. So I change it back and I get highs. And by change I mean I bump it back up a notch, .05 units. Yeah, big time there.

Then Grace has a night of highs. Highs like you cannot get them down and they will stay there forever and ever, amen. Those kind of highs. I loathe those kind of highs cause you know what I want to say. 'OK, BG, I am done playing with you, you want to stay high, stay high. No, in fact, I am going to bolus and temp basal you, the likes of which have not been seen before.'

Then I come to my senses and realize once again, this lovely pump is connected to my live daughter, so I don't. I give .50 units when I want to give 1.50 units. I temp basal increase by +30% for 2 hours, when I want to shoot that high BG with a +95% for 3 hours and see how it likes that.

That's what I mean by WTH BGS.

And Dexcom buzzes and beeps and whirrs and flings itself off table tops and bureaus cause it's moving so much, creating those roller coaster effects on the graph. They are lovely, aren't they. Until you realize that's your child's blood sugar doing that, going up up up and then coming down, down, down.

I'll get a handle on it, I really will. Eventually. I mean, some day I will.
Until then, it's cursing the BGs without cursing the child.


Joanne said...

Argh. Yes. This. A million times, this. Last night Elise was high all freaking night long. We corrected (full correction, ignored IOB) every two hours. Nothing. Wouldn't budge. Ran a 75% tb. Would maybe drop her by 50. Today I changed her pod and have been running a 75% tb all day just to keep her in the high 100s. Thankfully we're in the middle of icemegeddon, and the kids haven't been in school since Thursday, so I can try and get a handle on things.

I forgot to mention that two days ago (and for three days straight), our numbers were perfection.

Sorry for the novel, but UGH! I feel ya!

Joanne said...

Just had to comment again to tell you one of my word verifications was "discourage".

Got that right, blogger

StephenS said...

You are so right. Would it help to think of where she'd be if you weren't so diligent? Yeah, I guess not. Good luck... at least you're working hard at it.

Shana said...

My daughter is 11 and I can't get her numbers under control. For the past two days I've been setting her basal at +40%, for the entire day and night and she's still high all the time. I'm bolusing her almost twice as much as usual for carbs and her insulin sensitivity needs to be adjusted as well. But about the time I make all these changes in her pump then things revert back. WTH is right. I don't even know what to do any more. Doc appointment on Monday, maybe her endo will have some suggestions. ARGH!

Karen said...

For me, the second paragraph of your post says it all. It really is just a giant crapshoot into the darkness. But don't forget all those times you get it right! You rock!