Monday, October 29, 2012

D Kit, Apple Chunkin' and the Tree

I search for D kits any time we are anywhere near cosmetics booths, counters or stores. My eyes scour Target for their latest cosmetic kits, which suit our needs perfectly. One little kit to hold everything - PDM, lancing device, lancets, insulin, complete Pod change, glucose tabs, extra Unisolve, extra SkinTac and SkinPrep, HypoFix tape, extra lancing device, syringe. You get the picture. Everything.

Here are our other D kit, the Bag of My Dreams.

And I scored one at the new Ulta beauty store that opened in our local mall. WIN FOR ME!

On a completely different note, we went apple chunkin' at our local orchard. They take all the old rotten apples and you can place them into a sling and fling them as far as you can. They even have targets you can hit! It was a blast!

An yet another note. Hurricane Sandy is hitting our area. Lots of rain and wind and damage. And I am scared of our neighbor's tree falling on our house. So, tonight, we slumber in the basement. Hopefully with electricity. Over and out folks. Stay safe.


Lisa said...

We use cosmetics bags too. Pretty, simple, easy to replace when my daughter gets tired of one.
Praying for your family's safety in the storm.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Stay safe, you guys! Check in when you can.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

the middle part looks like fun, the last part, not so much...stay safe!

Jennifer said...

Saw and almost bought the same bag at Ultra :). Except I can't stand animal print, so I bailed on it. Sad as my current one is falling apart!

Marla S. said...

Thanks for posting the new bag of your dreams. On your recommendation I bought the first bag of your dreams when our Ava, 11, started podding last Dec. We loved it so much I found a second one on Ebay. Now I can't find the bag for sale anywhere. Glad to know there are other good bags out there.