Monday, September 10, 2012

38 at school. I rock.

38 at school today. Her first full day of 5th grade.

I rock, don't I?

Would you like to know why she had a low of 38?

Here goes. And I take full responsibility for the foolishness that is to follow.

Grace now eats lunch at 11 AM in 5th grade. Last year she ate at 11:45 AM, in 4th. Her breakfast I:C ratio runs from 5:30 AM - 11 AM and is set at 1:10. Her lunch ratio runs from 11 AM - 4 PM and is set at 1:18.

Do you see where this is headed?

I forgot to roll back the I:C ratio to accommodate an earlier lunch.

So, the PDM of her OmniPod dosed her for a 42g lunch, with a BG of 124.

Dosed her 5.15 units.

Cause she tested her BG at 10:55 AM for her 5th grade lunch. Of course she did.

She should of gotten about 3.5 units, give or take. That's close to 2 more units than she should have.

Thus, the 38, 3 hours after lunch.

Two juices and a snack and back to 115.

I think I'm gonna go accept the Mother of the Year award now.

God, I hope it's gold.


Allison said...

Oh, don't be too hard on yourself! Her lunch is at 11 a.m., which totally falls in the right ratio time frame. It would be easy to not realize that she might test and bolus before that 11 a.m. start time. Anyone could have made that mistake. Hugs!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Bean rocked several 40s in her first week...I'll gladly share the award with you!! ;)

Week 4 and her lowest today was in the 70s...we're getting there!!

Joanne said...

What??? You mean you can't think of every little detail ALL of the time? For shame, Penny.

Sorry, the sarcasm comes so easily for me... I think you get a break on this one. Very easy to overlook, and I'm glad she's okay.

Anonymous said...

Mom, please give yourself a break! Our DD has dropped into the 30s and 40s from the effects of exercise. Yes, we ExCarb; yes we minus temp basal but we do not have a crystal ball. We are often going by what worked in the recent past, but is no longer working today and intuition plays a part in D management. It is an art as much as it is a science. We are all human and exhausted humans at that. Walking daily through our lives in our D-Mom zombie state, we can and do forget things sometimes. Most important to handle are the overnights when they are sleeping. They can and do catch most lows during the day. Or the daily testing schedule does. And your tired body will sleep through your alarms some nights. Do the best you can. It has to be good enough. And it is good enough. I worry about the extreme lows just as you do but after seven years I have seen that the counterregulatory response has worked. It probably will only not work if she has had other lows in the past few days or has not depleted her glucose stores through extreme exercise. Or alcohol use, which we don't have to worry about just yet. My endo just told us the counterregulatory response is in effect every day, every day, even for mild lows. I did not know that; had not observed that. Your doing a great job.... I would pin that medal for Mother of the Year Award on you any day.

NikDuck said...

Stop being so hard on yourself! Natalie has only been on the pod for a month and I am finding it very tricky getting the I/C ratios just perfect for school with snack and lunch, etc. Actually, just blogged about that! I've asked this before, but haven't found the answer. Do you know if carb ratios can be set differently for the weekends on the pdm? I know basals can be different for the weekend. Natalie's I/C ratios for school are not the same for the weekend, so I have not given her enough then! I don't want to have to keep changing it every weekend though.

Unknown said...

Oh My! Do not beat yourself up AT ALL. I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO done this. Joe's breakfast is a 1:10 and morning snack is a 1:45. I have forgotten to change up the times for ratio changes at the start of school. It was/is UGLY.

YOU.R.MOTHER.OF.THE.YEAR. In my book anytime of any day of any year. Nuf' said.

Sheila Thomas said...

Hey Penny - I'm feeling the same as you - Noelle had first soccer practice last night. BG was 172 after soccer - she got done at 9:00pm. She had a snack and I dosed her for that. She ended up at BG 44 2 hours later, had to wake her up, ugh! I should have done temp basal with the soccer - she has been running a little high at night so I thought she'd be okay. I should have known though! Hope she's liking 5th grade - so far so good with Noelle :)

Pam said...

Hi Penny! It's been a while! I was just catching up on my old blogging buddies and I wanted to see how things were going with you and Gace. And you know what? MY Grace was 38 today at school, too! Although, unlike you, I have no idea why. See, she's now in middle school, and her bus comes at 7am, whereas the elem school bus comes at 8:30. So my hubby gets G off to school and I handle the younger two. So I don't know what she had for breakfast, how much she was bolused, or what the hell went wrong! So I think I'll take that Mother of the Year Award off your mantle and plant it firmly on mine.
Anyway, I hope the rest of the start of the school year went well, with all your children!

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Anonymous said...

Move over. I get the award. I did the same thing when changing ratios - messed up the times and he got lunch insulin for dinner. I didn't even have an early lunch schedule to blame, I just messed up.


Sara said...

Hmm sounds like you have some competition for that award...


We are all doing the best we can all the time and need to give ourselves a break.

I have forgotten to change the time on my pump, tried to adjust basals and changed them in the wrong direction and couldn't figure out what was wrong, bolused for breakfast and then left home without it...

Is there a Type 1 of the Year award?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Y'all are nuts. :-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

And by "Nuts" I mean I love you and you can't possibly expect to be able to prevent and/or anticipate every high/low/whatever.