Sunday, July 8, 2012

D at the Beach

We love our beach time. Boogie boarding and surfing and riding the waves. And our Pod comes along for all of it. Some good ole SkinTac on it as we prep the site, and that little darling Pod stays on through everything. Waves crashing, thrown to the ground, swimming out to the faraway sandbar where your feet cannot touch the bottom - yep, stays on through all of it.

Most of the time Grace wears her Pod on her stomach or her arms. Those are her favorite sites. Once in a while we rock a thigh site, but rarely a bottom. Girl has a curvy bottom and darn it those Pods don't curve at all? The Pod sits weird on her bottom, rocks a bit and sure enough, gets angry with us there, resulting in a red cannula site. So, no bottom sites lately for us.

Back to the beach. We only had one catastrophe this last week. The cord from her boogieboard somehow got wrapped around the top part of her Pod, and 'ripped off' the top of the Pod, resulting in the cannula coming out. She screamed in the water as it happened, and I look over and see the Pod tape around the Pod still there, but the Pod itself doing a little dangle from her arm. It hurt her, and she cried.

We got out of the water, gave a little raised fist in the air to diabetes, sat down in our beach chairs, dried off, wiped up our eyes and arm, and got about the business of getting the ripped Pod off and a new one on. I don't let something like a ripped Pod stop our business of having fun, and I make sure Grace knows it. You want to ride more waves? We got hours here at the beach, Grace! Let's change it and get back out there! And we do. The tears stop, we go about the process of changing a Pod - the Unisolve, the disarming of the current Pod, filling a new one, SkinTac on, autoinsertion, take off the old Pod. Five minutes, tops. Right there on the beach.

And we go on to ride the waves. Dried tears. New Pod.
Rock on, sister!


Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Look at that beach beauty!

So inspiring to see that a knocked off pod can't stop a fun day of boogie boarding.

Unknown said...

Awesome story of not letting D get in the way or ruin a day! poor darling Im sure it hurt though. Have y'all done a You Can Do This video? If so do you have a link - Id love to see your little hero share her story of how she does it all.
Great post.

Heather said...

Only an awesome Mom can teach their child that set backs like these are a lot smaller than what it feels at the moment. So happy you guys has such a blast!!

Tracy1918 said...

I love Grace's attitude! And yours too. : )

Dry those tears. New pod. Rock on. Amen!

Marla S. said...

Great story. Can't let the old "d" get in the way of a good time. Do you guys have any Bands4Life? My Ava (11) wears one quite a bit when she has a pod on her arm.

They are made of bathing suit material and come in a bunch of cute patterns. We don't have a problem with adhesive sticking in the water but sometimes pods get ripped off from rough play. The band keeps everything snug with no edges to catch. Check them out. We just ordered two more.

Krissy said...

Have you tried using De-Solv-It instead of UniSolve? Once I realized the latter was so harsh it took the polish off my nails, I went on the hunt for something a bit gentler and found this which is non-toxic, safe for skin and works even better! Also much cheaper and available at your local hardware store :)