Friday, February 24, 2012

We are off to CWD!

This weekend is the Children with Diabetes Technology Conference in Conshohocken, PA. That's about 20 minutes from our house and you bet your sweet glucose tab that Grace and I are going!

The program agenda looks to be terrific - with speakers on CGMs and new technology, advanced pumping concepts, managing technology in school, managing diabetes stress and burnout, making sense of sensor data, sports, exercise and BG control, managing hypoglycemia and infusion sets and sensors. Whew!

I really want to go to the advanced pumping course, though it's at the same time as managing technology in school. You may see me scoot out from one to the other! The managing stress and burnout session looks great if it provides me ways to help Grace manage the daily grind of diabetes. And the managing hypoglycemia session is with none other than Gary Scheiner.

The best part of it all is who is coming to the conference, of course! Kelly will be there - and the word on the street is that we are roomies! Kerri will be there, Bennet, Hannah, Scott....yeah! That's as much fun as the conference itself - bonding with my friends from the DOC! Laughter will ensue and that's a great way to deal with stress and burnout!

Let the D games begin!


Misty said...

Yay for CWD, learning and laughter! I had the opportunity to attend the CWD technology conference when it was in town here. Of course, my favorite sessions were with Gary Scheiner! Have a great weekend!

Meri said...

So much fun! I would love to be a fly on the wall in all of those classes. Take notes and have a wonderful time!

Unknown said...

Ah Man!!!! Have a BLAST Penny! Sounds like a fun crew is going.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you and Grace will have a great time and learn a lot. Gary Scheiner is right there in PA which is very convenient if you need more education I believe in the past he offered free pump/cgms classes one night a week; which may be open to non-clients. He may still do this.