Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CWD - Grace and the Children's Group

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We attended CWD in Philly this past weekend. While I attended the major sessions on Saturday, Grace went to the children's group. She was in the the ages 6-9 group. It didn't sit well with her at first, because she really wanted to be with the tweens, the 10-13 group. It was what it was and it worked out. I do wish there had been more education for her within her 6-9 age group. They had fun all day Saturday - they exercised, they had icebreakers, they swam as a group and they had a scavenger hunt. I wish there had been some carb counting in there, some discussions about lows and how to treat, but that was saved for the older groups. I understand that a one day conference can't be everything, I just wish it had a smidge more education for the younger set of kids.

No matter, Grace had a blast while she was there. She mingled and conversed and met other Type 1 kiddos. She managed her BGs on her own. And the staff at CWD informed me about what they did and how they treated her BGs, through the little card they inserted into the back of her nametag around her neck. And here it is:

I loved the simplicity of it. I loved that it was right there, on her, for me to see. Grace insisted on saving her little card and her green wristband from CWD. She calls them her 'memories.' 

We would meet up for snack time, and lunch and our breaks. And she would run towards me and begin to chat about what they just did together. I kept asking Grace if she liked her day in Saturday, away from me, with kids just like her. And she would reply each time that it was great to be with others who were diabetic, that she didn't feel like she was the ONLY diabetic around, that it was good to be with others who wore devices, who beeped and clicked and popped glucose tabs. And really, who could ask for more?

Except for time away from the paparazzi, who apparently would not leave the girl alone!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! Glad she had a great time and you did too! And awesome photo, there... :))

Joanne said...

So fun! Glad you guys had a good time.

Anonymous said...

So glad you learned a lot and Grace had fun. I'm sure the lack of education for the younger set is deliberate... letting kids be kids. Plenty of time for education later or even at home. Next time she will be in with the older crowd, if you go again.

shannon said...

yes! fantastic! i think the kids' programs at CWD events are so great. and that info card is awesome in it's simplicity.

k2 said...

Darn paparazzi! Still, it was pretty fantastical!