Sunday, December 4, 2011

T1Parents, Read this at Bennet's YDMV

If you are a parent of a kiddo with Type 1, read this piece over at Bennet Dunlap's YDMV blog.

Bennet is the parent of two T1 kids and a thoughtful writer. And an incredible voice in the DOC.

It's insightful, wonderful and spot on. (And has some wonderful football analogies.)


Sara said...

A little heavy on the football analogies - I prefer baseball! :P

But you're right, it is a great post. Thank you for directing me toward it.

P.S. my word verification is "raving"

Mike Hoskins said...

A great post, indeed! Thanks for spreading word about his insightful writing, Penny.

Bennet said...

Thanks for the kind words Penny.

Sara, baseball has no clock, how do do a sports metaphor for time pressure without a clock? LOL.

Unknown said...

It was definitely a good one ;)