Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diabetes Camp - Year #2

Yes, it's that time of year again!
Drum roll please......

Diabetes Camp! 

This is year number two for Grace. You can read about year numero uno here, and the pick up from camp here and her interview about camp here.

And it is now what it must be like from now on when we drive her to camp,
meeting up with old friends,
seeing the same counselors,
hugging those who you missed all year long,
remembering where things were and are in the camp.

This feeling must be wonderful for her. To be remembered. To be part of something larger than yourself. To finally feel like you are in your second home.

I see it on her face even as we walk up the path to check-in. Her feet are lighter. She is smiling and joyous.

We meet up with her DBFF (that's 'Diabetes Best Friend Forever' in case you were wondering) Lily. Yes, famous Lily from our meet-ups and JDRF Walk where we surprised her. Finally, a whole week with each other. It's heaven to both of them.

We check in. We hand over all her diabetes supplies. I complete forms about her basal rates, her I:C ratios, I tell them about -30% for swimming, I tell them that yes, she can carb count with the best of them. 

I hand it all over.

And we get her settled into her bunk. And immediately she is at home.

The goodbyes this year are short and sweet. I tell her to have fun. I tell her to make new friends and remember to include all the new kids in your bunk, who may be here for the first time. I tell her to get the addresses and phone numbers of all the girls so she can write to them throughout the year.

And I kiss her and hug her and tell her, only once, how much I am going to miss her this week.

And I leave her to her second home.


shannon said...

aww, yay! love the pics!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Yay camp!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

I know this will be what it's like for Bean next year. She had such a great time this summer and is already looking forward to next year's camp.
Hope Grace has a wonderful week!!
Enjoy your little vacay, too! ;)

Andrea said...

I cannot wait for year #2 of camp!! This year was Cale's first and it was sooo hard to leave him. (I couldn't see out of my puffy eyes for days) He had nighttime homesickness, but is so excited to go back next year. Saying goodbye will be less difficult next year! These camps are incredible!!

Alexis Nicole said...

Awww yay!! Love that first pic of her. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

"Camp Victory" indeed my friend. What an appropriate name for the Camp that Grace goes to...don't ya think?

Love seeing these pix and reading about her drop off. How's Mama Pancreas holding up?

k2 said...

I'm crying because:
1. I'm so happy she's experiencing Diabetes Camp
2. I'm proud of both you and her
3. I REALLY MISS DIABETES CAMP - Even all these years later!

Kelly K

Bennet said...

Missed you at drop off. Maybe we can say hi at pick up this afternoon.