Sunday, April 3, 2011

WHY her insurance sucks

I've told all your blog-readers before about my trials and tribulations with Grace's Medicaid insurance, Keystone Mercy (provider in PA). The denial of Novolog and my ensuing battle about it.

Surprisingly, they still suck.

Here is the latest.

This weekend Grace got a letter in the mail from Keystone Mercy, addressed to HER.
Can I remind everyone that she is 8 years old. 8.
Born in 2002, not in 1902 as the folks at Keystone Mercy seem to think.
I have always thought, and this just reaffirmed for me, that Keystone Mercy and ALL the people who work for the company, are convinced that she is a little girl with Type 2 diabetes.
This just seals the deal.

Inside the envelope:

Lists of complications from diabetes
Two sheets.
Oh and both sides of each sheet

Here are all the eye complications.

And here are all the foot complications.

Lovely, huh?!
Grace took one look at it and said, in true Grace-fashion "What the heck are they mailing them to me for?"

I know she can have complications. I know them by freaking heart.
We talk about them with her, on her 8 year old level.

Do I really need her no-nothing insurance company to send her information like this via the mail?
Does Keystone Mercy even think that Type 2s are going to change because they got two sheets of paper about complications in the mail?????

No intro letter, no 'Dear Grace...' nothing.
No personal relationship.
No knowledge that she has Type 1.
No knowledge that they are mailing pages of complications to an 8 year old.

And that's why her insurance sucks.


Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

Oh that is horrible! I live in pa too so I think I know what kind of program she is on but I won't say for your privacy reasons. I think that is just sad. They offer the coverage but don't cover enough. I feel for you :( my hubby gets lots of those kinds of "flyers" in the mail too from the pharmacy and from our insurance. Seems all the information they send is basic and we are well beyond it. I agree everything is geared towards type 2

Unknown said...

Oh BOY...that is poor form for sure Penny. I don't think our insurance company sends us ANY information, but I am OK with it. I find between my books and you guys I am ahead of the game. Thank you for that.

Give Grace and the girls a fist bump from me and Joe!

Alexis Nicole said...

Seriously what a bunch of turds. Type 2, or 1, that just makes no sense.

I LOVE Graces response. You both rock!

Hallie Addington said...

You have got to be kidding.... All I can do is shake me head... Yup. They suck.

Jen said...

We get that same junk from our insurance co. It bugs me every time!! I wish they would send me something helpful!!

Jules said...

What madness is this?! What a horrible way to provide any kind of service. I think it's time to fire up the barbeque ...

Jules said...

hi. Ive recently found your blog and look forward to reading along. That is really awful. We have companies ring to talk to my d-son. Hes 18MONTHS old. Omg, if they looked at their info sheets about the 'patient'. Hello Im his Mum can I be of help to you...?

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...


We choose not to tell our young child about all of the possible complications. She has enough of a burden to bear. We do tell her that the insulin (and everything else we do to help manage it) helps to keep her healthy.

At this point, I think that's enough.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

That kind of "blind," impersonal, yet supposedly "targeted" mailing really irks me. As much as I hate calling health insurance companies and going through the ridiculous automated phone system and waiting for what seems like forever to speak with a live person only to have someone placate me with a coached response, I might be willing to go through that to give them some feedback. Ugh...

Anna said...

ironically they tell you about complications while denying Novolog. Kind of sick when you think about it.