Thursday, October 14, 2010

AWOL from the D

Hey gang out there! Where have I been? Blogged down with a million things to do, ending with a huge conference my autism support group is putting on this October 21st. I am the Treasurer and I'm doing all Treasurer-y kinds of things. Up to my eyeballs in it. Mired they would say.

And working.
Oh and the three kids.
Oh and the D.

I never thought that the D would take a backseat, but it has these past few weeks as Mommy is mired knee-deep in conference. And you know what? It has all been OK. In fact, it's been refreshing to NOT be weighed down with this number and that number and OH-MY-what-should-I-DO number. The numbers have rolled like water off of a duck's back.

And it's been good.
Hell, it's been great.

I bolus for the 250 and it comes down. I don't have time to sit and wait and watch like a hawk and worry. But you know what - it comes down and I never even watched it once!!!!

I carb-guess and frankly, I didn't do half bad in the crap shoot that it sometimes is. I didn't guilt myself into thinking I did a bad job, when I did a mighty fine job.

I pack her up and off we go - to this meeting, this event, this get together with the committee so I can work. And she does just fine. She manages. I manage. We snack and we graze-bolus and not once do I worry that she is eating or not eating. Flippin' refreshing.

Sometimes it's good to be mired in something else and realize the one thing that I have tried to tell myself since this journey began.

That it's going to be OK.


Unknown said...

You know Penny you are totally right. I too have found sometimes when I get really busy that Joe's numbers tend to work out. I have been lucky...during his recent lows, I have been less busy and more able to back off and keep tabs on him...but at the beginning of the school year I was working full time, blogging daily, and being a nocturnal pancreas and darn if his numbers didn't rock the house.

I am glad it is going well. I hope things slow down a bit for you so that you can get some "Penny-time" in.

Missed you.

Jules said...

Ditto to what Reyna said. Sometimes it really is refreshing not to be caught in the headlights of D all the time. Hope the conference goes well and that you get some relaxation time soon so you can run up another couple of quilts!

shannon said...


Pam said...

Yea! I'm so happy things have been running smooth on your end. Go figure... blood sugar's coming down without us watching them! Yippee!

Amanda said...

Hope your conference goes great!

Nicole said...

This happened to us when we moved For almost 2 weeks other things took the forefront and it was wonderful!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I often wonder during busy times, when D takes a backseat, but Jack does just fine, if it could be like that all the time. I mean, why not? Why not focus less on D and more on other areas, while still managing D? D consumes me because I allow it consume me, but I have myself convinced that it must be that way, that Jack's well-being depends on it. Regardless, a little break can do a D mama some good!

Good luck with the conference!