Friday, June 11, 2010


Drip, drip, drip.
That's the sound of me crying on the keyboard because I lost my shooting hearts background.
I loved those darn hearts.
Now, I am left with flowers. White flowers.
It's not me.
Oh Blogger, how do I get my hearts back???

I:C ratios, got it.
Square bolus, got it.
Super bolus, got it.
Correction for an afternoon water ice at school and a cupcake, got it.
Raise that bolus, lower that bolus, extend this one, got it.
Easy, peasey.

I, however, cannot get the background I want to upload.
I know I am technologically challenged when I have to wait for my 11 year old to get home from school to help me figure it all out.

Hearts will be back soon folks, if I have to come to each of your homes and draw them on my blog!!!


Pam said...

I heavily relied on my sister in Florida to help me set up my blog. Me: "What's a URL?"

Did the hearts just not show up one day? Where to broken hearts go? (OK- cheesy reference to an 80s song. I'm dating myself!)

Penny said...

Oh I hear you Pam! I am just terrible at this! Still cannot get the hearts to be my background. And where do broken hearts go you ask? Somewhere in cyberspace where I cannot access them, that's where they go! And I totally got your cheesy reference!

Wendy said...

I KNOW!!!!! All kinds of craziness is happening to the blog powers of Blogger!!!!

YOU ARE NOT ALOE!!!! And your flowers aren't so bad :)

Meri said...

I think you need to set your background template to MINAMA and then add the code to the heart background on your add and arrange page elements page. Go to add a gadget and then add the HTML from the hearts background. I think. Does this make any sense? It's all hit or miss to me!

LaLa said...

I can't help you much with the blog background but I can tell you I am most impressed with all of your bolus knowledge. Awesome - I may need a lesson!

Hallie Addington said...

I agree with Laura! I'll come fix your computer and you can come teach me how to do a successful combo bolus! Deal? :)


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