Monday, April 12, 2010

My other life

Where have I been?

Denver, Colorado to be exact.

I went here with my oldest daughter.

The World Sport Stacking Championships.
Why you ask? Cause she can do this:

And she does it REALLY well. So well in fact, she garnered 3, 1st place finishes and broke the WSSA World Record for a Special Stacker doing the 'Cycle' (featured above in the video) with a time of 8.38 seconds.

She amazes me, with her talent, her patience, her perseverance and her attitude towards life. It was a trip of a lifetime, one that her and I will not forget.

I have three amazing daughters. Each has special talents. My middle daughter is a blogger herself. You can find her at LucyPlease. She's cool, funny, hip, smart as a whip and lights up my life.

And of course, Grace herself. Brave and resilient.

How did I get so lucky?


Anonymous said...

Wow! She's amazing!

Meri said...

I had to watch it twice because it was just so awesome!!! Congratulations on your wins!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Congrats! I, too, had to watch it a more than once. I can't get over how fast she is. Very impressive!

LaLa said...

OMG - I think that is so awesomely amazing. How did she start doing that??? So cool!!

You are 1 lucky momma!!

Hallie Addington said...

WOW! That's all I've got! WOW!!!

Jules said...

I sat and watched this and it brought the biggest smile to my face. It was like watching an old movie speeded up except I knew it was real time. My brain was in two places at once. What an amazing talent.

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is amazing!! Congrats!

Wendy said...


That's on earth did you discover this skill????? PLEASE do a post about THIS!!!!! I'm so incredibly intrigued.

I brought my hubby in here to see the video and he says he saw "the cup kid" on TV...has she been on TV????

I'm totally shocked by this :)