Monday, April 2, 2012

Quotation Inspiration - Day 2 WEGO Health Blog

I'm participating in the WEGO Health Blog's 'Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge' where bloggers are asked to write about their conditions. The goal is to write from these 30 health related prompts for 30 days April.

Today is day number two
Quotation Inspiration. Find a quote that inspires you (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes.

'Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.
Always work with it, not against it...This will miraculously transform your whole life.'
                                                                                                  ~ Eckhart Tolle

Imagine, accepting that Grace has diabetes. Accepting and moving on. Moving on to a life that embraces and even envisions her as an old woman with diabetes. I do. I do it all the time. I even tell her that one day she will rock grandbabies. I don't envision a life where her diabetes is cured. I know, the sacrilege of it all. That may get me hate comments on this blog, but such is life. I don't wish for a cure every darn day. I don't waste my time. That doesn't mean that I don't support research for a cure, throw money at organizations that both support working for a cure and an end to this disease. It's just that I don't live in that space with Grace.

I read this quote by Eckhart Tolle the other day. It struck something in me. The acting on the acceptance. The DOING of it, rather than just talking about it. A person can occupy the space in talking, talking, talking about acceptance, or a person can live an accepted life. Whatever the present moment contains - the high BGs, the low BGs, the doctor appointments - imagine if we accepted as if we had chosen it. It sure would be a different ballgame. Would I have chosen this? That is not the question. The challenge is to act as if you have chosen it. And accept it as if you had chosen it all along. When I do that, the blame and the guilt slide away. I stop questioning how she came to get diabetes, how through genetics or eating or not eating or being breastfed or not or eating gluten or not, how it all came to pass that here we sit, in the eye of diabetes. And it just is. And I accept it, fully.

Always work with it. When I struggle against diabetes - when I fight the numbers - when I become angry why she is this BG or that BG - I release the power to diabetes. When I accept, and work with what I have, right now, and what BG she has right now, I begin to see the rhythm. I see the rhyme. I see how I can act. It begins to reveal itself to me. Acceptance, to me, leads me to work with the diabetes. I know it is not leaving, so it's senseless to try and fight it. It's with us 24/7/365. Come along, I say, let's do it. Working together is so much better than fighting anyway. Aren't more things accomplished when we push and pull together instead of creating resistance?

It will miraculously transform my life. Yes. Yes. Yes. If I accept and move on, I am now more open to experiencing more of what life has to offer, with whatever days I have left. I can live in the spirit of the now. I can be present in the moment which will not come again.  

I can now feel joy at the moments that Grace and I have together, instead of resisting the dance. I can join the dance. And celebrate that we are still here, dancing. 


Kristin said...

That is a great quote! We're finally coming around to that point after 2+ years - time definitely helps.

Jess said...

Oh Penny, I LOVE this! And I'm so thrilled you're doing #HAWMC!!! :D

This is a fabulous philosophy to have. I love how you express it. I'm with you on not thinking about the cure on a daily basis, and focusing on the here and now.

Love ya!

Alexis Nicole said...

Amazing you are. I love this and you.