Thursday, April 12, 2012

Consciousness - Day 12 WEGO Health Blog

I'm participating in the WEGO Health Blog's 'Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge' where bloggers are asked to write about their conditions. The goal is to write from these 30 health related prompts for 30 days April.

Today is day number twelve.
Stream of Consciousness Day. Start with the sentence "_____" just write, don't stop, don't edit. Post!

Consciousness Run Amok

Let's do bullet points. Bullet points are fun.

  • OMG this blogging every day is killing me. 
  • How do people blog every day and have a life, a job, kids, the plants, oh dear Lord the plants are dying! and take care of everything??? 
  • That's my consciousness right now, that I have TOO MUCH to do to blog. 
  • And frankly, we are rolling right along with diabetes right now, it comes along for the ride, so there's that. Yada, yada, test, bolus, count carbs, yada, yada, yada.
  • I'm supposed to just write and write and then post? OK, I can do that. It ain't gonna be pretty, but I can do that.
  • This sucks.
  • Our cat just threw up cause I already fed the cat, then Grace fed the cat, then hubby just tried to feed the cat again. Our cat gets lots of attention apparently. So much food it's coming back up. Fun times.
  • Grace had her school concert last night and I clipped on a little pack of glucose tabs into her belt loop on her pants. Is that good? is that bad? She had it under her shirt. I imagined her low as she played the flute on stage and me not able to get to her. She could just whip them out from under her shirt. That's how we roll around her.
  • I'm typing this as Grace and her friends play here in the basement. There is a lot of whining happening and I just wanna run away. Far.
  • I gotta go make dinner. As in, make the phone call for dinner to appear.
  • I'm outta here.

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