Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Data Interpretation - that's it!

Hey, thanks for letting me get that off my chest yesterday. I honestly feel better getting it out there and developing a plan for myself and what to DO.

Gracie's basal night torture test - otherwise known as 'Mommy doesn't sleep night' went like this:

6 pm - 145 (dinner bolus)
8 pm - 174
10 pm - 187
12 am - 219
2 am - 223
4 am - 209
6 am - 182
8:30 am - 261 (woke up, corrected and eat breakfast)

So we got a little problem with the rise til about 2 am, then she starts to slide downward a little and then BAM - wake up with a big old 261. I'm going to try and figure this out, with the help of our team. My feeling is that I should adjust her basal rate starting about 8 pm, figuring that I should step back about 4 hours from when I see the huge jump. Then, it seems I should adjust again about 4 am, for the jump that happens somewhere between 6 am and 8:30 am.

 It also seems that pump companies and manufacturers have it on their minds too, how patients can USE the data we all have goldmines of, in useful and productive ways. This is exactly what I am looking for - how to use the data to make changes that result in more stable numbers. Just think if we can teach that to our kids - how to look for patterns and adjust! If you haven't caught up with Diabetes Mine's post today, please do. It's EXACTLY what I am talking about.

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