Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Patience 1, High 0

It's not the Pod, It's not the Pod, It's not the Pod

Those are the words I repeat to myself after these numbers surface a day ago, at school, over the course of two hours:


It's not the Pod, something else is wrong. The Pod is working fine. Don't change the site Penny, just wait.
Have patience, have patience, have patience...

I decide that school should give her one unit of Novolog by injection just to be sure.
I tell them to go ahead and do it.

Though, this is what I feel like inside:

Grace's numbers start to fall. Whether it was prodded by the injection of Novolog or the numbers were about to come down anyway, it starts to happen.


Sweet, sweet relief.
No site change. Pod continued to work wonders for the next two days. Every number right in range.
I suspect it was the pizza at school and an inaccurate I:C ratio for it.

I shall now go and collect myself.


Meri said...

Good for you!! It is so hard to fight the urge to change the set...I so know! The video made me laugh, mostly becuase I had the volume up all the way on my laptop and it scared the bagibbers out of me. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a mantra I say often. Good for you for staying tough!
lmbo at that little clip up there!

Wendy said...

Deep breath....DEEEP BREAAATH....I feel ya. SO HARD to take the "wait and see" approach!

Great job :)

my sweet girl said...

Good Job! Skyler doesn't eat school lunch very often, but when she does her numbers go crazy. I have even been packing extra snacks so that she won't eat the school provided snack anymore and it has made a big difference. It is scary to think of what is in the foods we eat and what it does to our bodies!!
I agree - it is so hard to be patient with diabetes, but you won!!!

Amanda said...

I love love love that clip!

Glad she leveled out...crazy numbers make for crazy mamas!

Pam said...

Loved the clip!

Heather said...

I wish that I had that problem, I don't like having to change the site, so unless I KNOW that it's the site or am highly suspect, I tend to try other things first. I don't want to warrant any more site changes then I have to. Good for you for holding your ground and being patient thought!

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

What Meri said....I just about fell off the couch, it was so loud and unexpected. And sounded just like me more often than I care to admit. Thanks for making me laugh at myself. ;)

We're having a slightly different challenge with the Pod. Namely, the Redneck Slip-N-Slide, because, apparently flailing down a wet piece of plastic ON YOUR POD can cause it to...well...have problems sometimes. I gotta get better at checking that little sucker at bedtime to be sure there's no blood in the cannula. (Ick, I know...can't believe I'm so comfortable saying that).

Ironically, last night while I was at coffee with my friends, the hubby and kids had pizza. And T-Bear ended up LOW at bedtime. What the?!?!?! How did THAT happen? (Too cool that I could look up the carb/bolus numbers and verify they were correct).

D is just illogical, irrational, and plain ol' spiteful at times. Good job staying cool. - Mo

Hallie said...

I love it! I'm so glad she came down. I think I feel like that pretty much all the time - at least on the inside!!!

And I'm totally cracking up at Five Bears' Redneck Slip-n-Slide! So funny!