Monday, June 14, 2010

The glass

We all know that expression, the glass is either half full or half empty. It's how we are supposed to see this life, right? Everyone always asks, are you a 'half-full' or 'half-empty' kinda gal? And we comment about other people 'You know, he/she's a half-empty kind guy/gal.' We get it when we say it to each other.

It can be said about diabetes too. That we can look at the glass and again see - are we going to do this journey in the light or in the darkness?

I understand people who see the darkness. I understand seeing the glass half empty. I see it too sometimes. I suppose I don't even have to mention what the darkness entails to those of you here reading this blog. It's unspoken. I don't even have to write it, because as you read this, all the darkness is forefront in your brains. It's there for me too. I get it.

What I will not do is let it lead me.
What I will not do is give it power.
What I will not do is let it influence how I live.
What I will not do is let it influence how Grace gets on with living.
What I will not do is turn an entire lifetime ahead of us into one big half empty glass.

I read a person's view recently that said nothing good has come of this diabetes in their lives.
Nothing. Good. Not one single thing. Not one iota of goodness. Nothing. Zilch. That would mean zero.

For that person, maybe that is their truth. I respect that is where they are on their journey.

For me, it's not. It's not my truth. I will teach my daughter about my truth in this life. That it doesn't have to be half empty. That sure, it can break you, but why would you want to be broken when you can be whole? Why would would you want to wallow when you can fly? Why would you spend your life wishing this or that would go away, instead of lifting it up, joining with it and journeying on in this life, to do the things you would like to do before it all ends anyway?

This diabetes has brought light to our lives.
This diabetes has brought us closer to who we are in our soul.
This diabetes has brought time-management skills like no other, and math to boot!
This diabetes has brought an awareness of life, in all it's infinite finiteness to us.
This diabetes has brought us the perception that we have it pretty good.
This diabetes has brought us resilience.
This diabetes has brought us together as a family like nothing else would.
This diabetes has brought us an appreciation that we should have fun while we can.

I want to say to that person who sees the nothingness in this diabetes and tell them, now is your time to turn perception on its head.

I want to tell them:

Here is your chance.
Here is your chance.
Here is your chance.


Pam said...

I read that same statement, and the first thing I thought was that he was smack dab in the middle of the tunnel. Couldn't see the light and pretty much forgot that the power to get out of the tunnel lies within. We've all been there. We blog about those times, knowing that in the sharing comes relief. I hope and pray that's the case with this person. And that someday soon he sees the light, and the half full glass.

Wendy said...

Beautiful post.

My glass is empty and full on different days....I strive for full, but often feel empty.

It's a journey.

Joanne said...

Well written, wonderfully put. I agree with Wendy, it depends on the day how my glass is looking. I try to focus on the good, but this disease drags you down and wears you out.

I do know my life has been made richer through the people I have met because of diabetes. And for that, I am thankful.

LaLa said...

I really like the way you wrote this and the way you look at it. You HAVE to see the good in it or we would be overwhelmed by it!

Meri said...

I have my half empty days...but I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have more half full ones. Wonderful post Penny!!

Amanda said...

Beautifully said...

Lani said...

Amen to that! I hope it will encourage others.

Jules said...

Bravo. Very well said. With or without diabetes I had both kinds of days. Now the glasses just seem bigger! The half empty days rather darker than before and the half full days just brimming with life and the pure joy of my child clearly thriving.

Heather said...

Very well put. I have to look at the good, or I would fall apart and be no help to my daughter at all.

Hallie Addington said...

How did I miss this post?? I love it! I could not agree with you more!