Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Question for y'all

Look at me, using y'all! If you gals only knew how Southern I am NOT, it would be hysterically funny.

Question for you Mommas who are using pumps with your kiddos....

Does your morning carb:insulin ration and morning basal for your kid look nothing like the rest of the day?

In other words, does anyone else out there have a kid who needs A LOT of insulin when they wake up and eat breakfast? Grace definitely has dawn phenomena and has blood sugar that rises in the early morning. (When she was on MDI her carb ratio for the morning was 1:10 and that got her through til just before lunch.)

Now that she is pumping, her carb ratio from 6:30 am - 11:30 am is 1:14 and her basal is .45.

I think she needs more basal and a lower I:C ratio, as during her mid-morning check at school, we are seeing numbers like:

Curious as to your kiddos out there - do they need a higher basal rate during the morning hours and a higher carb ratio for breakfast hours?

Thanks everyone!


my sweet girl said...

Yes - for some reason it's worse in the winter months (?) her morning ratio is 1:14 and the rest of the day is 1:17. Her basal rate is currently alternating between .15 and .2 which also seems to help with her morning check times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny! My Grace's I:C is 1:20 in the morning, then goes down to 1:35 for lunch (though we've been seeing some high mid mornings, so I might need to bring that down some). She's still honeymooning, so she's on a pretty low basal, and it stays the same from 5A-7P. At our endo appointment last week Grace's doctor confirmed that most kids need more insulin to cover before 10am. I would suggest changing one number at a time, so you can figure out exactly what's helping.

Laura said...

Yes! Nate's I:C for breakfast is 1:21 for breakfast but 1:45 for the rest of the day. :)

Donna said...

Yep!!! Jacob needs TONS more insulin in the morning. I asked our endo about it at one of our visits. His answer was that his metabolism has not activated by that time, and therefore the body needs more insulin to process the glucose until his metabolism can kick in and help take over. It makes sense... and I know its certainly true for Jacob! =)

Hallie said...

Yup! She's 1:22 at breakfast and 1:30 the rest of the day. I've been told it's because you are more insulin resistant in the AM. She usually comes in at a good number but breakfast - and especially if it's pancakes or donuts or something - kicks our butt.

Meri said...

For sure! All my boys have different basal rates throughout the day...highest in the morning. Sometimes it is highest at nights when they are going through growth spurts.

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

T-Bear (8) actually takes more in the afternoon and evening. 1:15 til noon, then 1:10 until bedtime. Correction of 30 all day, and 80 overnight. At least, today :)

He definitely "dawns" in the AM. At 1:00 am he was 143 and by 8:00 am was 217 with no food between and a basal of .6/hr. Go figure.

But, T-Bear's not a breakfast person, and I don't force him. Honestly, we keep his BG more level when he doesn't eat breakfast at all, but we can do that because we're not sending him off to school or on a strict feeding schedule.

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

We do a higher I:C ratio at breakfast. Much higher.

Breakfast 1:10
Lunch 1:25
Dinner 1:20

Wendy said...


Addy gets more insulin throughout the morning ... her basals and/or ratios change every 2 hours, starting at 3 am...at 10 am, they start to taper up, giving less insulin all around for the rest of the day.

Her Total Daily Dose (TDD) is around 20 units, with everything combined. Of that, around 8 units - almost HALF - is given between 3 am - 10 am!!!!