Sunday, January 31, 2010

Outback Carb Game

Eating out is always a challenge. How many carbs? How many do you think would-even-be-close-if-we-had-to-guess carbs? Well, we played last night. Went to Outback Steakhouse with a giftcard we received at Christmas. Here is our game. Care to play?

First, the menu. Always good to give the little gal choices. Hoping she shies away from the Spotted Dog Sundae but I say nothing. She picks the ‘Grilled Cheese-A-Roo’ and Aussie fries to go with it. No fresh seasoned veggies here. I mentally make a note to take away some of her fries after they touch the plate down and hand them over to her big sister.

Before eating blood sugar. It looks almost like the ads for meters in magazines and on TV, doesn’t it? Which are consistently at 105, always. Don’t you want to see one of those ads read a whopping 375 one day? I do. Sorry, digression from the Outback game.

Oh, before dinner they gotta roll out some bread. Grace has a little slice. Remember this later, cause I forgot to add this in. Maybe if I forgot, then it doesn't count? Yeah, right. It comes back to bite us in the you-know-what later. 

Ahhhhhh, dinner is here. Do those look like normal slices of bread which are 12 grams of carb each? They look a little gi-normous to be 12. The fries have already been dealt a blow by none other than me, Mommy, who skirted some away while she was in the potty. Anyone who says they have never done such a thing ain't a momma to 3 kids.

Right away I am thinking 54. Why? Bread – 24. Fries – 30. That’s my guess. Drink was a Diet Coke (a treat for her) which we both tested by tasting it before she drank it. Who needs a night in the ER when you can just taste the soda to make sure it’s actually diet, right? Just my rule of thumb. Not saying it ever happened to us. No. Never :0)

Her dinner ratio is 25 grams of carbs for 1 unit of Novolog. Breakfast is 12 g:1 u and Lunch is 15g: 1 u. (No one ever said that diabetes was not a games of mathematics, did they?) 

So everyone, play along.
54/15 = 3.5 units Novolog
And that's what we gave her.

Except, remember the bread? That lousy one piece of bread that I didn't factor in to her grams of carbs eaten? Yep, that was the one, that 2 hours after dinner, caused a 275. Lousy bread!

Outback Carb Game, sometimes, I just don't wanna play. 


Anonymous said...

Now I am hungry for some of that bread! Good blog post.

phonelady said...

oh yeah the ye olde fun carb game !! aint it a blast .

Anonymous said...

Hi, its Pam! We played the Pub99 carb game last night, and we lost bigger than you! Chicken parm, pasta, milk, and the biggest ice cream sandwich I've ever seen (luckily it told us on the package it was 40 carbs). 85 carbs? Nope. Not even close. 10pm=423. 12am=365. 2am=280. I corrected her after each check, and doubled her basal till 6am! Finally 136 this morning. I think we need to tweek her dinner ratio, plus increase her correction factor. She seems really sensitive to fatty foods - and we really have trouble bringing her down after a big high like this. I hate this game:(

Penny said...

Hey Pam, I hear ya hon! Sorry you had to play the Pub99 game. Tweaking the ratio sounds right, I've had to do it a lot in the last year. That's interesting about fatty foods. I haven't noticed that with my Grace but I will now be on the lookout for it! Sorry you had the high too, they totally stink.
I hate the game too. Sometimes I am a really lousy player at it!

Hallie Addington said...

I'm reading this as out playing my own carb game! I don't wanna play, either!! I think it's some kind of creul joke that I, someone who only does math when absolutely necessary, now does LOTS of math. Not as creul as D- but you know! Hang in there!