Friday, February 5, 2010

Diabetes Guest Post over at YDMV

If you gals and guys haven't yet visited a great member of the DOC (Diabetic Online Community), Bennet, get yourselves over to his site RIGHT NOW. I mean it, I'll wait....

He is a great Dad to 4 kids, 2 of which are Type 1. He is funny, honest, endearing and has written the most beautiful pieces about his journey with the Type 1 diagnosis, here, here and here. When he first posted these, I immediately hard-copied them. I suggest you do too. They will have you nodding your head in knowing and crying from someone who is writing what you are feeling. They are that good. They are something worth reflecting on for a good long time. They also bring me peace. They are from someone who truly 'gets it.'

He had a post the other day entitled 'Practice Makes' which I commented on. In turn, Bennet turned my comment on the post into his next blog posting. You can find that here at 'Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Original Post'.

Thank you Bennet! Might I add, he also is the brains behind which talks about doing DisneyWorld with Diabetes. Check that out too, especially the pictures of the shoes people actually trek through WDW with. It's classic. And funny.

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