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Welcome ~ Lauren's Hope!

Hi everyone! As you all may know, Grace wears a medical ID bracelet at all times. I mean all times. I truly believe that all our Type 1 children should have one thing they wear that identifies them as diabetic. It could save their life.

When Grace was first diagnosed in January 2009, I searched, from the hospital room, for a medical ID bracelet that looked like her. I thought, if it's not pretty and girly and has some pizzazz, she is not going to want to wear it. And then, what's the point, to fight about wearing it? No thanks. I wanted something she would look at and actually want to wear, and that it happened to be her medical ID too was just a bonus.

Well, back in 2009, there wasn't much online. I came upon medical ID bracelets that were all, well, they were stainless steel medical bracelets that looked every bit the man that they were made for. Until I stumbled, through an internet search that led me to Lauren's Hope. Immediately my eye was drawn to pink bangles, silver balls on light chains, rainbow colors and beads that sparkled. I knew I had found something that Grace would wear.

I wrote about our story of how we found Lauren's Hope here. It won their contest back in March of 2010. We are truly fans of what they make and what they do. Their owner, Denise, is one of the sweetest women you will meet, who truly cares about what she makes. Their bracelets and necklaces are sturdy, bright, beautiful and meet our kids needs. I cannot say enough about them.

You might not know that Lauren's Hope was named for a girl named Lauren who is a Type 1 diabetic! Read about the company and her story here.

Jenna, who works at Lauren's Hope, is my guest blogger today. Here is her take on medical IDs and their importance. Thanks for guest blogging Jenna!

There is nothing your kids can’t do. If he wants to be an astronaut, there’s not a doubt in your mind that he can become an astronaut. If she wants to be a princess, as far as you’re concerned, she already is one. And if he or she is fighting diabetes, you know for a fact your child has what it takes to overcome the condition with strength, bravery, and grace, and be an astronaut or a princess or whatever he or she wants to be.

You’ve taught your kids that diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of, that they should wear their diabetes proudly, with poise - maybe in the form of a pump, a meter, a team t-shirt at an awareness walk. But as much as you’ve taught them to accept their condition, it’s still not acceptable to give up personal freedom and sense of style. It’s never easy to succumb to the necessity of one of those bold, chunky, ugly medical alert bracelets - a generic label on your child’s wrist that defines him or her as a disease rather than an individual. Let’s face it: the best, most effective way to convey their important diabetes information to medical personnel in an emergency is through medical identification jewelry

But who says medical ID jewelry has to be so...medical? Your kids are brave. Bold. Fierce. They are individuals with personalities that are not easily suppressed - and they’ve proved it. You’ve taught them to never let diabetes determine what they can and cannot do - so why let it determine what they can and cannot wear?

We are Lauren’s Hope , and we believe firmly in self-expression and that “I will beat this” attitude. We believe that that is what your kids’ medical ID jewelry should say. Not, “I have diabetes,” but “I am a strong, brave, remarkable kid and I will never let my diabetes stop me.”

Lauren’s Hope has created a wide variety of kid-friendly medical alert bracelets  and dog tag necklaces  perfect for any child with any sense of individualized style. Options range from waterproof adjustable bands for active kids and trips to the pool to stylishly beaded bracelet strands that attach to your custom engraved medical ID tag. 

Whatever your kid’s sense of style, protect them and your peace of mind by arming them with a medical ID bracelet - you never know when your little astronaut or your little princess might need it.

Medical identification is the quickest, most effective way to communicate important medical information to first responders in an emergency situation. It is essential that medical personnel are aware of your child’s diabetes, medications, allergies, and any other medical conditions even when your child is unable to speak for his or herself. Lauren’s Hope medical ID jewelry  can speak for your child in a situation like this, allowing medical personnel to treat your child quickly and effectively.  

Consult your doctor on what information they recommend you have engraved on your child’s diabetes ID. You may wish to engrave your child’s medical ID tag in the following format:

Example Engraving:
MOM 555-455-5566
DAD 555-455-5567

Thanks Jenna! This is good stuff folks. What Jenna stated above for the engraving is exactly what Grace has engraved on her bracelet. And just to make it even better, the kind folks at Lauren's Hope have provided me a bracelet to giveaway on this blog!

Stay tuned, in a couple days, a giveaway, 
of a Lauren's Hope medical ID bracelet!

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