Sunday, July 3, 2011


Grace went to be at 88. All was well. Decreased basals a wee bit through a temp basal for a few hours and she should sail steady until the 2 am check.
It's the first day of vacation and there has been A LOT of walking and rides and well, activity.
I should know better, really.
And something in the back of brain DID know better and came to the forefront to save her.

I got to bed myself about 11 pm.
And I woke like a shot at 12:30 AM.
Like a shot I tell you.
From sound asleep to wide awake eyes.
And my brain told me to go check her. I could HEAR it in my head, is that odd?

I walked down the longer than normal hallway, and checked her at 12:30 AM.


Two juices and a decreased basal later, now I was wide awake.
And thankful for the little protective voice, that knew, somehow it just KNEW to wake me.
I don't depend on it.
I don't ask for it.
It's only ever happened once before to me.
But I sure am glad, that somehow, it's there, in my head.
And that it saved my child.


Nicole said...

thank goodness for those loud voices in our head!!

Colleen said...

I'm glad your "voice" woke you.

Joanne said...

I call my voices Lenny and Harold and do posts about them all the time. They have woken me out of a deep sleep on a number of occasions.

Glad your voice spoke up.

Misty said...

It's just amazing sometimes that a mother's intuitiveness kicks in even in our sleep! So grateful for those voices in your head ;)

Tracy1918 said...

Oh my word. My heart was racing as I read this....

So glad you woke up and then actually got up.

A huge blessing!

Alexis Nicole said...

Thank God for that voice! Happens hear more than id like to say :(

Glad is all ended well mama!

Holly said...

It's Grace's guardian angel, and I'm so thankful for it! Glad you listened, woke up, and checked! : ) Whew, I hear it too, and it always amazes me!!

LaLa said...

I cannot even tell you how damn happy I am that that voice woke you up! Love and hugs to you and Sweet Grace. I still have goose bumps!!!