Thursday, March 24, 2011

SELF Magazine

The ever fabulous Kelly Kunik over at Diabetesaliciousness was featured in the April SELF Magazine under the 'Be SELFless' section they have. SELF magazine wrote about how she empowers others with diabetes and her uber-fabulous blog and the DOC (shout out to all of you!)

I know Kelly has major concerns about what SELF did with the quotes and information she supplied to them and questions that she answered for them, and what SELF magazine staffers did with what she wrote. They chopped up her quotes. This little itty bitty section was more than 3 pages of back and forth emails between SELF and Kelly.

You can find Kelly's take on it here, in her blogpost 'SELFless.'

She asked me a while back for the picture of her and Grace at the 2010 JDRF Walk in Philly. It's a great photo of Kelly and Grace on the Art Museum steps in Philadelphia. 8,000 walkers. It was quite a sight. Kelly, Grace, Grace's sister Lucy and myself walked around the river and the Art Museum, with other people affected by diabetes. We laughed, strolled and waited in long lines for the potty. Talk about community!

On page 23, in the bottom left hand corner, you can find Kelly and what she is doing to empower other people with diabetes. She fights diabetes myths, advocates for others with Type 1, shares her story as a person living with Type 1 for over 30 years and flips her bitch-switch when needed! All of that, and also a dear, dear beloved friend who is such a support to Grace and to me.

Kelly makes a difference in our DOC every day - through her blog, her Twitter messages and her comments left on posts throughout the DOC.

It's an honor Kelly that you chose Grace for your picture for this wonderful message.
You truly DO empower others with diabetes.

Go check out SELF magazine. April issue. Page 23.

Oh, and then go and  tell Kelly how much you LOVE Kim Kardashian on the cover (NOT), cause Kelly's got a serious case of the 'I don't get it's.'
It was God, having a sense of humor with Kelly in this issue of SELF, seriously.

Watch this. Wait for it, at the end.
That, my friends, is why I love her so.

24/7 with K2 from thebetes now on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

I LOVE that pic of K2 and Grace and have been so impressed by Kelly's advocacy for all PWDs. I am also drawn to her open arms for not just other PWDs but for us, as Type 3s. She seems very accepting of us all...and I appreciate that more than anything from one of the BIG WIG bloggers.

Way to go K2!!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

That is fantastic!!!! Kelly is awesome and it's terrific that SELF recognized her awesomeness!!! :)

How fun for Grace that she appears in the magazine, too! What a special relationship they have!

k2 said...

Pen -
Thanks for being such a great friend!!!
It was weird being the one being interviewed. Even though my quotes got a bit chopped, the fact that others are finding the DOC because of SELF is a wonderful thing & I'm SO GRATEFUL to SELF for running with it!
And thanks for allowing me to use the photo that you took of Grace & I - She's quite the little super model!!
Kelly K

Alexis Nicole said...

I am defintely going to pick up a copy!

Awesome awesome!! Chopped or not K2 showed how awesome she is and the DOC! I love it :)

BTW. I am obsessed with The Kardashians. Guilty. :)

LaLa said...

That is so amazing! Woo-Hoo!
I love that K2 - she is such a great advocate and always so supportive of the T3 community!

I'm so glad that Grace has Kelly - what a blessing!!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Great job Kelly! Gracie and her look so good on that magazine.