Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gracie's Gang - JDRF Walk

We walked on Sunday. For Grace, for little kids we don't know, for adults with Type 1 - we walked. And it was glorious! Kelly from the uber-fabulous Diabetesaliciousness joined us for the walk -  and I cannot think of a better traveling companion. She walked for Eilish, she walked for her sister Debbie who she lost to Type 1, she walked for herself, she walked. I am so very proud of her.

Ready for the walk to begin!

Lookie who we found! The one and only Kelly!

8,000 walkers this year!

Ok, sponsors - we LOVED the giant cow you brought!!! 
Oh and we wished the gallon of ice cream was actually that size!!!

Where we stepped off from - The Philadelphia Museum of Art!
And yes, of course my kids did the Rocky run up the stairs!!!

People have great sayings on their t-shirts!!!

It was a gorgeous day for a walk. This is Boathouse Row across the river.
We saw men and woman rowing during our walk.

I love my city.

And I love these two too.

Walking for all of us.
All of you in the DOC, all of you who are my blog-friends, we walked for you too.

And of course Nick was there!!! We all wondered where his OmniPod was placed!

And why does the flippin' meter always read a perfect 93?
I wanted to scratch it out and put a 2 in front of it
293. There. That's reality some days, Nick.

A great day.


Unknown said...

First off - Thank you to you, Grace, and Kelly! the 293 that you want to put on that glucometer girl!!! YOU ARE SASSY!

Unknown said...

AWESOME! I love the pictures :) Looks like a beautiful setting and a beautiful day!

LaLa said...

What a great day! Thank you for walking! I hear ya on the 293 - come on --- Nick ---- let's get real!!

You guys are awesome!

Hallie Addington said...

I LOVE it! Super cute pics! Looks like you had a terrific day! Thank you for walking for us! :). And yeah, 93? Um, riiiiight!

Karen said...

I loved hearing about the walk and seeing all of your great pictures. Thanks for sharing, and more importantly, thanks for walking!!

Jamie said...

8k walkers?! What a huge turnout. That is great. Looks like you both had a great day.

k2 said...

It's was awesome walking with you guys yesterday!!
Gracie, was fantastical - as always!
The lovely Lucy was just that - and funny too!
As for you Penny - YOU ROCK!
Kelly K

Meri said...

What great pictures! A huge walk! I love that you stopped traffic!

Pam said...

Beautiful day, beautiful girl. Glad you had a great time!

shannon said...

Looks like a perfect day for walking! And LOL @ 293! I say you should totally do it next time! :)

Alexis Nicole said...

Awesome pics! Thank you for walking for all our kiddos as well. I love Grace and Kellys bond its simply beautiful.

bethany said...

loved the pics. thank you for walking for all of us. <3

Heather said...

Looks like you had great weather and a great walk! Thanks for walking for all our kids!