Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Changer of lancets

I admit it, I'm a lancet changer.
It's only once a day, in the morning.
And even that, the once a day, I feel guilty about.
Cause Grace checks, on average, 8-10 times a day.
8-10 uses for one lancet. Yuck, come to think of it.
I should change it every time, I know.
I'm gonna try and improve and get it up to two times a day. Honest.

Yet, whenever I have a D-meetup with other PWDs it's kind of the laugh-around-the-table fact that people don't change their lancets very often. I mean, as in weeks, months and years not very often. And often people joke about who has had the longest-serving lancet in their device. Often it's badge of honor to see who can't remember the last time they changed their lancet.

My last Philly Focus Group, sitting around the table with 6 people with diabetes, the biggest laugh came when one man said it had been years since he changed his lancet. He was serious folks. I chuckled, but honestly, I thought, how disgusting. It's like he never considered they become dull, hurt more and frankly, are dirty.

I'm not professing to 'get it' cause I don't.
I KNOW there are a zillion and one things to remember when it comes to diabetes care. I KNOW.
I KNOW it's one more thing to do, one more thing to remember, one more thing to be responsible for.

But isn't it just healthier to change the lancet folks? I mean, of all the things we DO for our kids or ourselves if we have diabetes, this one just breaks the bank? Too time consuming? Too hard? Shortage of lancets around? Too complex to master? Honest? Really?

I'm not sure why I am even blogging about it, it seems judge-y of me to consider whether or not people change their lancets. You want to use a lancet that's a year old and dull and hurts more than a new one? Go ahead. Just not our thing. Call me judge-y. Go ahead.

All I ask is that next time everyone sits around the table comparing when they last changed their lancets, the badge of honor should go to the people who actually do it.


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Important reminder, Penny. We change daily too.

Donna said...

Hold the phone! Whaaaaa?

We change it EVERY TIME! I didnt even know it was an option to NOT change it. LOL Holy Cow. Huge moment for me right here.

Sad thing is, now that I know this, I will be tempted to skip changing it here and there. :P

Sandy said...

My husband hardly changes his...I try to do it for him when I remember but old habits are hard to break I suppose

Unknown said...

We change about 3X daily. When Joe was first diagnosed it was with every check - LOL...then common sense and "time" became a factor.

Great post and it is kind of the "joke" in the DOC isn't it?

Heidi / D-Tales said...

We change ours every night. We often change them in the middle of the day, too. I'm with you; I don't get why you wouldn't change it.

Denise said...

I rarely change his lancet unless he complains that it hurts but I'm pretty sure my hubby does change it every day or every other. We use the multi-clix and think we put in a new drum at least once a week (again, my hubs does it so I am not sure) I don't think it needs to be changed each time but going months to years seems a little much (or not much...you know what I mean) ;-)

Valerie said...

I used to change mine with each check, but then it got easier to keep it in there for a few checks--especially when I was low and didn't want to fiddle around with stuff.

Jen said...

We change once a day but you are inspiring me to change at least twice if not more!!!

Anonymous said...

So far we change once a day too...but i feel guilty about that at times.

Alexis Nicole said...

We change every night at 3am, and the school changes every other test.

Another reason I love multiclix way easier to change!

LaLa said...

I think this is a great post and a good reminder! Judgy? Naaah!! Helpful - Yep!!

We use the MultiClix and change 1 or 2 times per day but really should change more.

A Year? Now that's just nasty!!!

LaLa said...

I think this is a great post and a good reminder! Judgy? Naaah!! Helpful - Yep!!

We use the MultiClix and change 1 or 2 times per day but really should change more.

A Year? Now that's just nasty!!!

Rachael said...

I change 2x a day, and I thought I was awful. I am glad to hear I am not alone. Now, a year? Ewwww!? Can we say infection? :/

Lani said...

Multiclix all the way! With those little drums it is easy to use a fresh lancet and we probably "click" to a new one at least three times per day.

Anonymous said...

We change it *almost* every time. Multiclix is the best! I used to change it whenever my son said "ow!" during a test ;) but I'm trying to do it every time after I read online that changing it every time helps protect his fingers from so much damage.

Misty said...

I have to admit that shortly after Ally's dx I had a nurse kind of whisper to me that it didn't REALLY need to be changed every time. Now why did she tell me that? As if I wouldn't have gotten lazy in my own time.

Anyway, we do change at least once a day. Although, she is using a different lancing device at school and they are supposed to change once a day too...so technically can I claim 2x a day? Sometimes I feel bad like I should be doing it more. It does only take a second!

Karen said...

I change mine first thing every morning. But I have to admit, if I was lancing my child (if I had one) instead of myself? I bet I'd change it a lot more often.

Sandra said...

My daughter uses the Multiclick and changes it everytime for almost two years. Didn't know any different.