Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where the heck have I been???


That's what has kept me so busy. I am trying desperately to keep up with everyone's postings and wow, you mamas are some busy writers these days! Great posts everyone is 'pumping out' (get it?)

Here is the latest and greatest:

D Meet-up

Kerri of sixuntilme was in town for an ePharma summit conference, along with Manny of TuDiabetes. She put together a get-together at a watering hole downtown. Of course I went! And she asked if I brought Grace along. Well, no, I don't bring her to bars, but she would have come if I had let her! Bennet from YDMV was there, as well as Lee Ann from The Butter Compartment, along with other T1s that I met. It was a great night of schmoozing and laughing and you know what I really wished the whole night?

That my Grace have something like this when she is a young woman with T1. God willing, she will.

(That's me in the way back on the left side)

Craptacular Day

It sure as heck was on Sunday. Let the numbers speak for themselves:

2 am - 386 (where did that come from???)
5:30 am - 120 (whew, much better!)
8 am - 52 (whoa, this sucks)
10 am - 432 - recheck 393 (big big rebound, crap)
11 am - 137
11:45 am - LO (are you friggin' kidding me???? really? G shows no symptoms - AT ALL)
12:30 pm - 174
1:30 pm - 287 (here we go again!)
3 pm - 263 (oh no, it's hanging around, that's not good)
4:30 pm - 184 (ahhh, good BG, ok, I can live with that)
6 pm - 179
8 pm - 325 (crap on a stick now!)
9 pm - 170

See, totally craptacular in every way.
And the next day, Monday, was a perfect BG day all around, right back on track. Didn't change a thing.
I think the Diabetes Gods and Goddessess are messing with her. Seriously.

Crap-Apple-tacular Day #2

The new Apple store opened downtown. It rocks. I took the girls on Sunday downtown to well, look around and play with all their gadgets and feel like we were in heaven. Yes, we covetted a lot of their items. 

Well, Grace took her iPod Touch into the store. And well, Grace is 8. She laid it down to play on an iPad and a computer and you know what happened. Yep. Someone took it. Took an 8 year old Type 1 diabetic's iPod Touch (there, that oughta get a lot of sympathy votes from someone out there!). I had to say it, cause I wanted to shout it in the store. 


But, alas, I did not yell it. We searched the store, we looked up and down the street, we asked the Apple workers, the Apple manager - nothing. Now, you should know, we live in an urban city. It was GONE. I mean, like it was probably reset and sold within minutes of walking out the store. It was a HOT item and I don't mean temperature.

I was so very sad for Grace, to learn about something like this. To experience it firsthand. We talked about people in the city and how not everyone is honest and she wondered why anyone would want HER iPod Touch with all her camp pictures on it and her girlfriends pictures and her cupcake maker application and SkeeBall - Mom , they have the SkeeBall game!' - Yes honey I know.

Hard lesson. Crap-Apple-tacular Day #2.

See, I told you, Life.


Pam said...

I've been missin you, girl! So glad to hear from you again!

Envious of the D meetup, not so envious of Sunday's numbers. Doesn't it just drive you crazy sometimes, wondering where in the heck these numbers come from? And to think, MY pancreas seems to be able to handle it just fine. But not our precious little girls'. Nope - they rely on us and our guess-timates as to what to do next.

So sorry about the ipod touch. My Grace wants one more than anything. If she ever gets one I'll have to tell her your story as a cautionary tale.

Hope all else is well!

Reyna said...

OK...WOW (wish I could have been around for that meet up and in a bar none-the-less -> haha).

Bummer on the numbers. (((HUGS))) to you and Grace.

AND let's find the thief and sick an angry mob of D Mamas on him...he wouldn't know what hit him. There is nothing worse than a pissed of mob of d mamas...NOTHING...'Nuf SAID.

BTW, Welcome Back...I've missed you.

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder! Little worry too. Then I realized I hadn't posted in about as long as you! Like you said...life. P.S. I wish they made the gadgets self destruct when not in owners hands for awhile! That would teach em!
Good luck!

Wendy said...


LOVE that meet up! SO COOL!!!!! I'd love to meet the people behind the blogs I love.

The thief thing makes me want to SPIT! OMGsh!!!!! That makes me SO FREAKING MAD!!!! ARGH.....WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE SO FREAKING MEAN???? Where the heck is their moral compass?

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Life - the good, the bad and the ugly!

That D meet up must've been something else. Lucky you to have been invited!

Hope you're seeing better numbers now!

The iPod Touch story really upsets me. That's just so wrong!

Laura said...

I love that you got to hang with all of the cool T1 peeps. How awesome is that?????

LO?? WTH is LO? Was that with the PDM? What number equals a LO? That was a totally craptastic bg day!!

WTF - excuse my language?!?! What is wrong with people? Stealing a little girl's iTouch? UGH! That makes me angry.

I posted this on FB a couple of months ago - - -
Jim took Sophie and Nate up the street a ways to our local chick-fil-a pulling them in their Radio Flyer wagon. He left the wagon outside while they went in to eat and when he came out it was gone!!!!!!!!!! Seriously - what is wrong with people????